What About the Coffeeshops In Amsterdam? What Are The Best Pleasures In Amsterdam?

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October 31st 2018
Published: October 31st 2018
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Amsterdam is a city of stunning buildings, bicycles, and rich culture. But it’s not the only thing that draws tourists to the place. For most travelers, it’s the streets packed with coffee shops, where the scent of weed combines to the air.

Even though there are crackdowns on coffee shops as time goes on, Amsterdam remains a naughty and satisfying playground for adults. It also stays the perfect place to experiment for travelers of different needs.

Unlike other cities in Europe, Amsterdam is where to smoke marijuana legally. There’s an awesome number of coffee shops all throughout the city. There are options to choose from, including weed, edibles, and hash. It is littered with different service providers. Just download a map to find the right one near you.

Finding the Coffeeshop that Best Suits your Needs

Amsterdam is rich in coffee shops. But not all are excellent. Some are like hipster cafes. Others have a hippy vibe. There are also a few options that can be considered a nightclub or a pub. One thing is for sure, there’s a solution that can suit your taste. Just spend the time to find the provider you prefer the most. As a new cannabis user, look for the white license sticker on an establishment. Most of the time, it’s convenient to tell whether a coffee shop is a normal café or not.

Things to Do When You Go to an Amsterdam Coffeeshop

Of course, you’ve heard about Amsterdam coffeeshop. But sometimes you don’t know what to do. This is especially true for a new cannabis user. Don’t forget to bring identification. You must be 18 years old and above. You may also be asked for ID, so bring it with you.

Obviously, coffeeshops sell cold drinks, coffee, and snacks with herbal refreshments. For the weed menu, go to counter to ask. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s normal in the city, so don’t worry. Most commercial establishments will have two counters. One for selling food and drink. The other for cannabis. Make sure to go with a buddy for comfort and ease. Nothing is more fulfilling than sharing the moment with a close friend.

If you still feel nervous, order a drink first. Then, sit down for a minute before you take some. Start slowly for the excitement to grow. There’s no need to rush. A combination of a warm coffee and a cannabis product is pleasurable. But this depends on how you consume it. Proper intake should be observed.

Traveling to Amsterdam results in a satisfying experience. Despite the cost, it’s worth it. The pleasure is what makes the city enticing to domestic and foreign tourists.

But have you ever considered planting your own? Then, your biggest concern is where to find marijuana seeds. Worry no more. As with coffee shops in the city, there are online suppliers to choose from. Work with a company that provides high-quality, authentic and affordable options. Direct your attention to the one that has a trusted reputation.


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