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August 1st 2014
Published: August 1st 2014
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Hello everyone,

My name is Rosalinde Kuiper and I am a 17-year-old Dutch girl who is going on holiday to Australia. In this first post, I want to tell you something about myself, about the kind of journey I am going to make with my family, what I've done the 'first day' and what I want with this travelblog.

First of all, Hi. I am Rosalinde Kuiper and I'm 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My family and I are going to Australia on the 2nd of August. This trip is my dream trip. I've been dreaming of it for some years and now it is finally happening! This, because coming year, I am graduating and I'm going to live by myself, so my parents wanted a last big holiday. We are a travel-loving family. We've been to so much places, I can't even remember them all. We've been to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, but also Italy, Croatia, France and Norway.

This trip is gonna be a roadtrip. On saturday the 2nd of August (which is tomorrow), we will fly from Dusseldorf Airport to Darwin International Airport. We have a few in-between-stops, one after 7 hours in Dubai, and a 2nd in Singapore after 14 hours. The flight itself is 21 hours, but in Dubai we have to wait like 2 hours and in Singapore we have to wait 8 hours. We leave on Saturday and we arrive on Monday.. From Darwin, we are going to cross the country to Alice Springs with a camper. The 5 of us in a camper. This is almost 1500 km. We take 2 weeks for this trip, so we can visit some nice places around the road to the middle. After arriving in Alice Springs, we will fly to Cairns and spend 2 weeks there. Diving, chilling, swimming and tanning. After a total of 4 weeks, we will return to the Netherlands.

So my 'first' day has been most of packing, downloading songs, getting some books/magazines and buying the last missing items. My bag is super heavy, and big (I will add a photo). But I am too scared I forgot anything important, so I've made a checklist so everything's in there. Things on the list are: shampoo, brush, sports clothes, shorts, 3 pair of shoes and make-up. I've also picked my plane-clothes: a comfy shirt, sweatpants, New Balance shoes and my favorite jumper.

This was the first of my series of travelblogposts. I hope that I can maintain these posts to keep you up to date on my travel and for myself to re-read my adventures.

Thanks for reading and I will see you probably tomorrow!!




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