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September 2nd 2008
Published: September 29th 2008
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After much delay, the driver having to go to the police station for some traffic misdemeanor, we finally got to the border around 1 am, straight forward procedure and we bought some Moldovan lei so we have money for taxi when we get to Chisinau. 6am we are in Chisinau, and we negotiated taxi fare to the homestay we booked, Jarmo and Tuuka our Finnish friends we met on the bus wanted to come with us and check if there is room at the homestay, unfortunately it is full and they took a taxi to Larissas mom where it is also a homestay. Since there were still people in our room, we were made to sleep in Larissas bed! We did not argue as we are both very tired, she even tucked as in!! Larissa is the owner of the place and she and her daughter live there, they are very helpful with directions, sometimes overly helpful but they meant well. In the afternnon we decide to go for a walk in town, there seems to be some happening, celebrating about Roma? wasnt really sure, but lots of people in the main part of the city, some programs going on on the stage etc. we changed more money and decided to have lunch at this posh restaurant below but cost us a fortune, food incredible but heavy in our pockets. We noticed the buildings are like the Soviets block apartment set up, and insignias, statues, really made me feel like in the old Soviet times.Went back to the homestay, taking the minibuses and trams was an adventure, ofetn very crowded but quite cheap! Bought some beers mainlz Baltika and drank ourselves to sleep.

Next morning off to Transnistria not without heaps of advice and warnings from our host. Check my separate blog on that if you are keen to know. In the afternoon we arrived back we hang out with the Finns again then back to homestay. We wanted to see the Open Air military museum thing in town so we took the whole morning looking for it, we cant find it so we thought it closed down, walking back slowly to center of town, we noticed a sign, it was there! we missed it because it is right next to an outdoor bar-pub place, who would think!! Had a great time exploring the site, we did not pay entrance fee coz no one asked, we sat down at the bar and had more beers, before that we walked around this big market place thing and lots of food and things selling, we had sausages again, they were massive and quite tasty. A few more explorations to Chisinau then we are ready to move on off to Ukraine..

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