To Everyone I've Met Along the Way, This is for You.

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June 24th 2015
Published: June 24th 2015
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As I hit my last week of travels, I can't help but to tear up at nearly every thought of each experience that I've had with the people I've met along the way and the ones that I've had on my own. Over the last nine months, I've embarked on so many journey's both big and small, with so many wonderful people. I couldn't have had such amazing experience without you all. I have said it so many times, but the people out here are incredible. So welcoming, so full of life and so willing to help at any turn.
So here is to the longest run on sentence reminiscing on the things that I have embarked upon with you, the experiences that we have shared, the thank you's that I owe and the love that I have for you all: I have watched the solar eclipse with you as I turned into a mother figure and scolded you for staring into it, I have sat on the furthest of edges of the Cliffs of Moher with you realizing that I have no fear of heights, held your hand as we slipped and fell while trying to walk on the rocks of Giants Causeway in expensive boots, when you taught me how to properly hold my knife and fork, when I went swimming in crystal blue waters with you, when I faced my hatred of horses by pulling off the highway to pet them, when the two of us drove on the Autobahn while it was snowing, danced to my least favorite of all music (techno) until 7am, when you thought that I needed to gain weight so you made me eat until I almost threw up, when the three of us found out the hard way that I was allergic to fermented shark, when we randomly drank beer together at 1am at a graveyard in Iceland, when the three of us stood in the hull of where the Titanic was built and had a moment of "whoa", when I snorkeled through the American and Eurasian tectonic plates and blew my own mind, when the fantastic three sat until 2am waiting to see the Northern Lights while telling terrifying stories, hiked I hiked Arthur's Seat at sunrise on my second morning in Scotland, when my two ladies ate chips and cheese with me every night until we would gain weight, how my HSH crew celebrated St. Patty's Day until we couldn't see straight, when you took me to my first football game where I found out where Guy Richie gets the inspiration to write his films, when you put Nutella in my backpack when I left, where we walked through the death camps in complete silence together, when I was so thankful to spend Thanksgiving in a home away from home with you, when I sat alone in Zermatt staring at the Matterhorn where there was not an absolute sound around me, where you stood under amazing waterfalls with me, when you hiked the 200 steps of Gellert hill while singing Step by Step behind me in the pouring down rain, when you made me pumpkin soup on the fly with an actual pumpkin from off the table, when you rode camels with me through the desert but wouldn't let me be sold for them, but.... when you turned on Taylor Swift, shut your mouth and you held my hand when we drove through a wicked storm in Iceland. You did so many things for me that I can never repay you for. You thankfully and graciously took me to the E.R. in Rome against my will when I cried and couldn't walk anymore (you almost had to carry me), you let me into your house and let me do laundry, you sent me my favorite 8€ scarf that I left at your house all over the continent just to make sure I got it before I left to go back to the states for Christmas, you took me out of hostels and brought me in and made me dinners and gave me a place to stay and a comfortable bed to sleep in. If you were a local, I put my trust in you and had you show me your city and it ALWAYS paid off. I cry as I write and edit this, There is so much more that are included in these nine months, as this could go on forever. You absolutely, truly have no idea what you have all meant to me, you really don't. Thank you a lifetime over. You mean everything to me. Thank you for walking in to my life.


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