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Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria June 20th 2018

This was the stuff of daydreams! Sailboats, gentle breezes, blue waters, cliffs, schools of rainbow colored fish formed a mosaic of memories for a lifetime. Confession, I was afraid to go to the Blue Lagoon because of the swimming! I cannot tread water and the water is DEEP in the lagoons. I mustered up the gumption to get on the boat. Thankfully, the sailboat captain harnessed me into a blaze orange life preserver and off the side I went! Jack took the macho way off the boat, diving off the side rather than using the ladder. So word...just get on the boat and let the captain take care of the details!... read more
Blue Lagoon
Elephant Rock
Caves of Comino

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria December 21st 2014

Lidl Welcomes You to Gozo. If ever there was proof that they are taking over the World, it is there staring you in the face as we enter Mgarr harbour - gateway to Gozo. There was no plan to take in Gozo during our stay on Malta, but that ever comprehensive bus network and bargain ticket had tempted us up to the top of the island. Mosta was the initial aim of the day, but the much vaunted Miracle of Mosta did little to hold our attention for more than 1/2 an hour. The Rotunda of Mosta sits in the centre of town and is without doubt a fine church in it's own right. The dome is the 3rd largest unsupported version in the world. The infamy of the building however stems from the attempts by ... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria August 11th 2014

Hello my fellow travellers! What a long day this have been, we left the hotel at 9am today and returned at 9pm, a lot of this time has gone into transportation today. We started by taking a bus to the ferry station which took about 50 minutes, then we waited for the ferry for another half hour. Then the trip over to Gozo took around 30 minutes and then it took us another 40 minutes by bus to get to Xaghra, our first stop of the day. Here we visited the Ggantija Temples, two neolithic temples located right next to each other. These temples are the second oldest man-made structure in the world. They are over 5500 years old, pre-dating even the Pyramids. These temples are fairly well preserved, especially considering their age and you should ... read more
Ggantija Temple
Victoria Citadel

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria May 27th 2012

My last day in Malta called for more sightseeing. Over the day,I spent 6.5 hours on buses, 1 hour on ferries, and countless hours on my feet. And I only spend $9.10 euros for all. 8:00 am: I caught the bus to Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village, dating from the Phoenicians. It was about 45 minutes away, and has a weekly Sunday market. The market had the usual stuff, veggies, clothes, electronics, etc. A nice man was eating fuzzy green things off a bushy plant, and when I asked him what they were, he gave me a handful. The texture of a mushy nut, with out much flavor… they were garbanzo beans!!! &l... read more
1st Communion
Ramla Bay Beach
Harbor View

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria April 4th 2012

.Portugal to Malta I have had a cold the last week and haven’t done any writing since the Portuguese sailors left. We did not dock in Portimao, Portugal because of the weather. This port is known as the fair weather port, and the weather was not at all fair. So, instead, we headed for Cadiz, Spain, the port with access to Seville. We took a Cruise Critic Tour to Seville with 16 people on a 30 passenger bus and plenty of room to spread out. Our guide was excellent as we walked to the Alcazar or palace still used by the Queen of Spain when she and the children are in Seville. The building is beautiful and very large. We did not go to the second story, but only to the more public rooms. We then ... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria June 30th 2010

Here are a few favorites from Malta and London. It's good to be back in Germany with the group! Luneburg field trip tomorrow!... read more
London Eye

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria June 9th 2010

The bus drives up dangerously close to the bumper of the car in front. Our grumpy bald-headed driver blows the horn repeatedly, mouthing unintelligible insults, pressing his lips together in anger. The radio plays Elvis Presley's 'Jailhouse Rock', and he turns up the volume to a deafening volume, adjusts his sunglasses, and proceeds with harassing the poor driver in front of us. We're sitting right behind the driver, who serves as our principal source of entertainment this morning. The ride from Valletta to Ċirkewwa, the harbour where the ferry to Gozo departs, takes around two hours, which makes it one of the longest possible drives in Malta. When we arrive there, the ferry's already waiting. We just walk on with the cars, as there's no separate ramp for passengers. The ticket is payable on return. The ... read more
Basilica of St. George
Tower of Xlendi
Another vista of Victoria

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria May 10th 2010

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