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Europe » Liechtenstein » Malbun September 1st 2016

At 2599 m Grauspitz is Liechtenstein’s highest mountain and one of the most arduous and sketchiest peaks I’ve tackled. What you might just be able to make out on the summit photos are my violently shaking legs knowing that I have to get down again. A sheerer than sheer ridge followed by pathless seemingly vertical scree dropping into oblivion. Spoiler alert: I made it down alive. Though for a few days texting was painful due to the thistle spines in my fingertips as grabbing the spiky beasties was often all that prevented certain doom. Why visit Liechtenstein? Well my train passed within sight of it so it seemed rude not to get off and have a look. As for why I was in Switzerland; see the previous blog. Unlike everyone else on the bus to ... read more
Gutenberg Castle, Balzers
Crossing from Liechtenstein to Austria

Europe » Liechtenstein » Malbun February 27th 2010

Saturday 27.2.2010 day 137 Skiing in Liechtenstein We drove up to town of Malbum in Liechtenstein were the ski field is. On the way we drove past the castle which is not open to the public as the Prince lives there. The castle has fantastic views over the county and the Rhine (Swiss boarder). We then drove to our resort in Bavaria to get there we had to drive though Switzerland and Austria to get there. ... read more
Photo 42
Photo 23
Photo 54

Europe » Liechtenstein » Malbun October 8th 2007

Spent a whole day in Europe's 3rd smallest country, Liechtenstein. It's basically an Austria County to begin with, and somehow over the years, gain independence. However, the Money and postal system is same as Switz and the Language is basically, German. The Size of this country is like...less than half of NT in Hong Kong!! but here even less land coz mostly dominated by mountains!! Its more like a small city by the Rhine River Valley.... Anyways, took the bus straight to the capital - Vaduz. They didn't doany border check, They only have a border set with Austria but they basically don't check it! except maybe some trucks and cars... So, first thing, tothe tourist office, for a map and an Entry Stamp!! haaaaaa!!! Had to pay to get it stamped, but its ok, at ... read more
The Red House
St Florin Kathedral
Schloss Vaduz

Europe » Liechtenstein » Malbun October 16th 2006

Today we embarked on a 10 day road trip around Europe. We have a vague idea of where we want to go, but will also let the road take us where it will. Our target area for today was Fussen, Germany and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. After a confusing drive from the city center to the freeway (GREEN signs mean freeway, blue is side roads, white is tiny streets), we decided to detour off to Appenzel for lunch. Appenzel is famous for its cheeses. We had a nice warm bowl of pumpkin soup (it was a foggy, chilly day) followed by a plate with a sampling of the local cheeses. Then came dessert and the best chocolate mousse I have ever had; it was so fluffy it was like chocolate air! Upon consulting the map over ... read more
Foggy Cows
Restaurant BAD

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