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September 1st 2007
Published: September 2nd 2007
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We fiinally realised that we weren't going to get any sleep around ten. We got up and packed our bags.

After paying for the hostel, we went to the bus station and bought our ticket to Liepaja. They were approximately £9 for both of us. The journey to Liepaja was very slow because we got stuck behind the worlds longest military convoy. This was interesting for a while as It had about 30 vehicles including artillery guns. However our driver became increasingly wreckless the more agitated he became. He was like a man on a suicide mission which was funny because a song we heard a few times was about someone being "suicidal he was suicidal".

Liepaja was rather quiet and the tourist information was so far from the bus station. Some guy offered to show us where it was and then proceeded to walk as fast as Possible there.

We got a map and made the decision that Karosta was too far to take our backpacks there so we carried them with us. Wrong decision, we both got so tired walking around. We went to the beach and had a paddle, but it was a lot colder
Wow! What a pictureWow! What a pictureWow! What a picture

It is the same beach!
than Parnu.

We wanted cheap and cheerful for our meal, so we set out in search of a chain restaurant called Cili. It was at building nuber 62 on a main road, once we found the road we were at the wrong end. So a long trek later we were ready for food. We both had a pizza, some chips loaded with garlic sauce and coke. It cost us £7, stupidly cheap.

It took forever to find our way to the prison, first we were at the wrong side of the city, then none of the number buses we wanted would we weren't sure that once we got there we would be allowed in. Eventually one of the mini-Buses stopped and crammed in with our backpacks on our knees we set off down the most primitive of roads. It was pitch black and we appeared to be heading into the middle of nowhere. We started chatting a friendly Russian boy who said he'd show us where to go.

Approaching the prison I felt for sure we'd mistrusted the Russian boys. We walked down a dark scary alley with no signposts.

The gates at the prison were locked and they didn't hear us kicking the gate. Eventually one Boy phoned the prison for us and a lady came and let us in.

On first impressions I was rather terrified of the prison. Our cell was rather cool, with two cots and a tiny radiator. We were told to make our beds, then were taken on a tour of the building. The toilets were horrific and we were lucky because the soviet style toilets were blocked, so we got to use a proper one. But the smell was enough to make you gag. I will admit that I asked for the light to be left on during the evening. It would have been to dark without it. We stayed up and played cards for a bit and then tried to sleep. Not much luck there.

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2nd September 2007

hey guys. looks like you're having fun out there. can't quite place where you are, but.. you've said you've arrived early in Chernobyl.. which means you must be near Prypiat. I'm 99% sure you can take a tour round there, it looks like an amazing site to see. if you go, lots and lots and lots of pictures!! :) arc xx (oo, rob - my car runs!! my custom engine management system works, go me!)
3rd September 2007

Ha so you know when i said "you nutter what do you want to stay in a prison for?" and you were like "Oh it'll be fun" haha famous last words hehe!

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