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July 27th 2012
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I have but a few fleeting moments to write something that will capture the heat, beauty, history, complexity, charm and fabulous-ness that is Italy's Tuscany...just come for yourself and if you have been do yourself a small favour buy a bottle of GOOD Chianti region wine...perhaps something that starts with B...(yes, a fortune but so worth it!) and indulge your memory of your own time in this little bit of greatness. These last few days have been really lovely. HOT, but lovely! sigh...shopping in Florence, wine school in Tuscany...how can a girl complain?SHE CAN'T!!!

First of all Florence is quaint, the shopping is GREAT, the art is GREATER and the wine and food are nothing to complain about. But our time at Tuscan Wine school was fantastic--we shrared that with 5 British men about 30 years of age all very 'climbing' types and still had a load of fun and learned a lot. We spent a day in Tuscany--NOT enough and frankly Pisa is just a gimick and I am sorry we wasted our time there. I would have much prefered more time at the organic farm or the small towns along the way. That said, we did get one hilarious shot of John holding up Pisa and he found the counter weights that likely keep the place aloft. Still. It was a waste of time.

Tonight we had dinner at a local restaurant suggested to us by the lady who is basically running our hotel. I like her she has told me about places to shop and about local wines to try. She is not native Italian but she is very interesting and smart. So we took her idea and went. Easily the best meal we have had in Italy. Florentine beef--done to perfection. At first glance I thought "TOO RARE" and I like rare. But...when in...you know how it goes. So, John and I both had ordered the same thing. With a lovely Chianti....it was amazing. I cannot tell you how great the beef is!

Too much to say is so little time, John has to check work email and it is already after midnight here....HEY! I AM 50....today is my birthday and it is after midnight...well, I will enjoy this through all the time zones! Just like last year in Australia. This is my 5th birthday in a different continent...wonder if I will achieve my goal of 7 in 7? we will see! I hope so! Italy has been very romantic and very demanding we have walked what feels like hundreds of kilometers up and down. I am ready for Amalfi and the 'walk of the GODS'! I am going to swim in the ocean and climb the mountain in the same day...all while enjoying a lovely wine and bread...ciao-ciao...xoxo. nan

Pictures to follow...tomorrow we are in Naples.


27th July 2012

Unfortunately getting a good chianti in our NSLC store in Bridgetown is not possible and would probably have to go to Halifax for that, and then it could be unlikely
27th July 2012

my beautiful ,smart, lovely ,loyal daughter is 50!!!!!! Happy birthday

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