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June 9th 2012
Published: June 11th 2012
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Devastated… I’ve been robbed

Saturday 9 June 2012

Still not very bright today, even after a big sleep, but I had to keep moving. Whilst packing this morning I discovered I had two gold bracelets and a gold bangle missing. I couldn’t believe it as I pulled everything apart, unpacked and repacked three times. Now I really did feel sick. I took them off on Tuesday before I had the so called ‘massage’. I hadn’t missed them until now because I’ve been wearing other (less-expensive) jewellery for a few days. But I had to keep moving as one of the other students was arriving at 12 to pick me up. Thank goodness he did because I was in such a state that I didn’t know what to do. He drove me to the police station and helped me fill out the forms. Nothing I can do now. I doubt that the police will do anything about it. I think they only file the forms for you for insurance purposes. That doesn’t really appease me, as I feel so angry as I have an idea who took these things and I’m angry that I cannot prove it or have the money to hire a hit man. I’m not a financially rich woman and I had to work long and hard to get the money together to buy this jewellery. Even if the insurance will cover some of it which I don’t think they will, I doubt it would make me feel any better.


12th June 2012

Im really sorry to hear about the prick who not only abused you but also took your jewellery. I feel devasted for you and so pissed off that this has happened.Have you heard anything from the police about it.would you recognise the arse wipe if you saw him again. Lifes lessons can be tough to bear but we do become wiser for them if nothing no one it would seem. On a lighter note, Tom says "ruff" and "hurry home mum as Georgia is driving me insane. But I am a good boy and having myself. Oh and I love chasing the chooks away.they know now that this is my town and there is only room for me and emma, I made sure of that" I hope things have picked up for you and you are still enjoying yourself.lots of love the Paynes in the arse and Jane.
13th June 2012

Catharine we are sorry to hear of you being robbed some people are so low I know how upset you must feel.Try not to let it get in the way of you enjoying the rest of your trip we are all looking forward to seeing lots of photoes and hearing all about the trip from you in person love from all at ILU

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