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June 2nd 2012
Published: June 2nd 2012
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Restaurant for good steak!Restaurant for good steak!Restaurant for good steak!

This is the restaurant where Neil and I enjoyed dinner this evening.
Saturday 2 June 2012

Catchup Day

Even well laid plans can go astray. A school pal had arranged to hire a car today from a local garage, but it didn’t come off. I think they (the garage people) forgot about it and went off for the long weekend without remembering that a couple of students from the language school were going to rent their spare car. Not to worry, I took the opportunity to catch up on some study. It was good because I didn’t feel under pressure to get my homework done in the otherwise allocated short time. I came up for air this evening and met my class mate for a meal at one of the village restaurants. I had a steak and it was very good to have something other than pasta!

It is now 10 pm and I am sitting outside in the street at a QRSIT point typing this up.

It’s a free WIFI point. There are many throughout the village. This one is only about 20 metres from my apartment… one would think that I would be able to pick up the wifi in my apartment, but no such luck… I have to come outside to get on the net. However, it’s a beautiful evening; a balmy 19 degrees and there are people wandering in and out of restaurants around me, others walking their dogs and others playing with their kids out in the streets. I’m wearing summer clothes and sandals, so I don’t mind doing this outside. I guess at this point in Tasmania it would be around 9 degrees… at a stretch! I picked a good time to come to Italy weatherwise at least.


3rd June 2012

Family history research
Hi Cath,, just love your descriptions of all your experiences. Sounds just as good as when my daughter was there last year. Photos are very good. Yes, you will be chasing many a "bureau" whilst researching the Sanna family. At least you should have the address of where Elsie was living just before she came back to Australia. Also you should be able to pick up on the births for Ada and Carla - they would have to be registered as well. Perhaps we should look to Sardinia, if that is where the Sanna name came from and watch the spelling of Sana or Sanna. You are brave woman learning Italian at such a rate!!! Enjoy.
3rd June 2012

To the best family tree researcher I know!
Hi Di and Geoff! Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I feel so much better now that I've just discovered that there are people actually reading my blog. I didn't realise that there was a special section to find comments. Oh brother, smart with some things, not so smart with others! I sent you an email yesterday. Take care of yourselves. Love your cousin Cath. xxxx
3rd June 2012

Hi Catharine from all at ilu
we are all reading your blog entry and wishing we were with you it sounds so wonderful.You are missed by all and we are looking forward to reading about your next adventure.
3rd June 2012

Hello to my friends in ILU
Thanks Jan, I just sent you and email. Silly me, didn't see this comment. It's great to hear from you. I know you would adore this place Jan. Love to everyone, C xxxxx

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