Trapped in the Dolomites and a long way behind schedule

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September 12th 2010
Published: September 12th 2010
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So my big day in the Dolomites has ended up in disappointment, failing to make it up (or even start) the final climb of the day. As it turns out, the Passo di Gavia (2621m) is about as tough a climb as you will find anywhere and given the altitude, an absolutely freezing descent. I am now roughly 30 miles behind schedule, in Bormio when I had planned to be on the other side of the Passo dello Stelvio, so time for excuses...

I have none, I think I may have found the limit of what I'm able to do which doesn't include 2 mountain climbs above 2,500m towards the end of 120 odd miles of cycling. That said, the last day or so I have been compelled to the the bathroom a lot more often and urgently than I'd like, which has not helped matters. To climb the Gavia trying to put in maximum effort, while at the same time holding out for the gents room at the summit, is no mean feat. Now I am in a spot of bother in terms of trying make up time, as it's meant to rain tomorrow in Bormio. When it rains in Bormio at 1,200m, it snows on the Stelvio at 2,800m. I am not built for cycling in the snow...

So it would appear a collection of over ambition, an uneasy stomach and possibly lack of ability have left me on the wrong side of a very big (potentially snow covered) hill. A big hill that unless I go backwards, is the only way out of this place. On the plus side, the views on the climb and descent (of which of tried to do justice with my camera) were unbelievable.

Tomorrow - I've no idea what's going to happen

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13th September 2010

Failure, the new success
Thanks Dad, however I'm not giving up just yet. I have two days in Austria that were only meant to be 90 miles long, so even with a shortened day today it's still doable. It's really just a matter of getting over this mountain at some point (earlier the better) today, then riding as far as I can into the sunset. A support team would be handy right about now though :)
13th September 2010

Tough ask...
Stelvio and Gavia would be an extremely tough ask if you were fighting fit, had no pack, were fresh and rested for several days - oh and were a few years younger... You are doing well though... once over the Stelvio then it's plain sailing from there - almost. To be more precise, nce you're at the bottom of the other side then it's plain sailing - almost. Good luck and God's speed matey and I have to say there are lots of people reading your blogs daily here in the office. Quite the topic of conversation...
13th September 2010

mate, this is where all the hours of training in the gym come into play. Ipod on, The Pretender on constant repeat and get up to the top of the mountain. Failing that I am sure you can find a lovely pub and sit out the inclement weather. Best of luck sir and see you when you get back.

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