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October 6th 2005
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This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. It was filled with Australian and American tourists but I stayed in a smaller town so there weren't that many people at all. Got to hike along the cliffs to other towns. I stayed in Riomaggiore just for one night but it was worth it. My first night I took the train to Montorosso and ate pasta in a restaurant on a balcony over the water. It was dark by then so I could only hear the waves and see the sand just below. However, as soon as I sat down a lightning storm started over the ocean. It was incredible! Very awesome and humbling even. When the lightnening would strike the water below and the clouds above would light up just for a second and it looked like a sunset except of course for the giant electical bolt in the middle : ) After a few seconds a low rumble would come with the breeze. It was amazing! Tried to take a picture but thats hard to do with lightnening! Here are a few pictures of my hike though. Turns out Fococcia bread and pesto were invented here. Anything you order here that includes bread is given to you with fococcia bread instead. Pizzas and sandwiches. That bread is sooo good!

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10th October 2005

you like to move it move......
great work girlie! i likes the photos!
23rd October 2005

the only down is there needs to be more- luv it all- we hang on everey new and wait for more- can almost feel like we are there with u--

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