Camp mosquitoes - Day 12 (Camp Sabbiadoro)

Published: June 15th 2013
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Day 12 - Friday 14th June 2013

Set another record - managed to drive through 3 different countries today.


Woke up before 5 am for an early start. Usual routine - wash, pack, load up and check the vehicle.

Left campsite by 8am. This time, I set the SatNav for Trieste in Slovenia.


Less than half an hour's drive and I was in Como. Next headed towards Bergamo and onto many other places on the A4 before passing through Venice and onwards to neighbouring Slovenia.


The street signs were bilingual, Italian and some kind of Slavic language. The people were a mix of Italians and some were more eastern european looking.

Arrived at the campsite at 6.30pm. Originally, I intended to sleep on the roof rack, but the mosquitoes got the better of me and I hurriedly put up the tent to avoid being bitten repeatedly.

Dinner was also interesting. Bought lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, so I got on with the job of cooking. During dinner, it was a case of me eating vegetarian and the mosquitoes were fed a nutritious liquid meal.

I wanted to stay another day as I was tired from the long day of driving. The car survived another heat test. Again it was over 30 degrees outside and nearly 50 degrees inside. For about 20 kilometres outside Slovenia, the motorway was a gentle slope throughout - what a good way to torture my car.

I am definitely leaving this campsite. It is infested with mosquitoes! Ahhhhhhh!!

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16th June 2013

Good journey
Hi! Phil Wishing you to have a good journey! regard! Kitty

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