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September 4th 2012
Published: September 4th 2012
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The Snowman The Snowman The Snowman

epic paper towels
While waiting for my hotel room to be ready at the Railway Hotel (right across from the Limerick bus/train station), I was sipping coffee at the hotel bar trying to stay alert and a local Irishman came in and saw me. He said 'Hellow, lawv' to me, and came over to chat. Unfortunately I couldn't understand some of what he said since his accent was so thick, but he seemed friendly. Something about fishing, maybe? He soon left, my room was ready, and then I tried to occupy myself by walking around town a bit. It wasn't the best first impression; Limerick is really rather seedy where I was staying, but I later found the more trendy area which was much nicer. While on my dazed and confused jet lag walk around, I saw a book printing office (and have seen several since)—Ireland is so well known for their writers I guess this makes sense, a pub called The Black Swan, and 'The Snowman'-themed paper towels on the top shelf of a little convenience store. The paper towels were honestly the crown jewel, in my opinion, of my discoveries that day (9/2), because 'The Snowman' brings back good childhood memories; my
The Black SwanThe Black SwanThe Black Swan

In Limerick
whole family enjoys that movie. Since it released maybe 15-20 years ago, the fact that I found a store carrying themed products is pretty epic, at least to me. I didn't actually realize that the film was Irish before.

I soon began to lose my footing on the brick/stone inlaid streets since I was so tired. By then I'd been awake for about 22 hours. I could do nothing else but head back to my hotel and crash. Three hours later I was up again, and ready to explore some more. My hotel was quaint and rather old, the room had a TV from about 1990 which didn't work. I didn't mind that, it just struck me as funny. The weather turned cloudy and a bit cool, but not cold or rainy. I walked down along the River Shannon and saw the water. I was delighted to find that there were dozens upon dozens of regal, white swans skimming across the water, hoping I'd throw them bits of food.

I ended up eating dinner—which felt like lunch—at a pizza place called Milano overlooking the River. It looked classy enough to order wine, and it was crowded, so �I thought it might be worth a try. I knew going in of course that pizza is not the thing to order while in Ireland, but I was too hungry to look elsewhere. Unfortunately I was spot on about the pizza, but I left full and my citrus-y white wine was good to wash it down with.

I'm now in Tralee, so there is a bit of a lag in my posts. I'll leave you with SIX limericks I wrote IN Limerick! In case you don't remember from grade school (and I wouldn't blame you), a limerick is a short, 5-line poem, meant to tell a bit of a story and it often has a playful humor to it. Let me know your favorite!

1) There once was a man named O'Hess

Who tired of drinking Guiness

He traded it in

For tonic and gin

And Budweiser of the U.S.!

2) I arrived today in Limerick

They asked me, was I a hick?

Said I'm from the Bay

And I'd like to stay

To write a most epic limerick.

3) I went to a pub by the sea

There sat a young lad named Jimmy

He said, 'What's the craic?'

I answered him back

He quipped, 'Yeah, just wait and see!'

4) My shower runs cold and runs hot,

So it's hard to wash off my rot,

I said, 'That's okay,

There's always the Bay,

Whose temperature's right on the dot!'

5) I've feasted 'till quarter past twelve

And now I have chicken to shelve

I ate way too much

With leftovers for lunch

Into which I don't wish to delve.

6) Limerick has let me lay low

With lots to see and to show,

My stay's been divine

Like iron and wine

But now off to Tralee I'll go!


4th September 2012

Finally haha
I have two favorites. I love #3 (because of the youtube video, haha) and I love #6! I can't wait to hear more about your adventure!!! Tralee!!!
5th September 2012

Yay, Amy!
Glad you made it to Eire safely! Loved the blog and the limericks! I look forward to your future postings...

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