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November 24th 2017
Published: November 14th 2017
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I-rish you a very nice place to live,I-rish God's greatest gifts he'll give.I-rish you health, and wealth, and more--I-rish your smilin' face were at my door!

Magical Moments from our journey that I soon not (wish) to forget:

Sean Finnigan, our Dublin beloved tour-guide. The OchoKlan began our first full day, with such joy and God allowed Sean to walk through the hotel doors, arriving for his tour for 2 from Texas. Your passion for your hometown lead us through market-places from old, churches from "new", parks with amazing historical neighbors & owners, hotels and former residences with the history of the country in every brick. "Far Enough?" oh.. yes, sir! More than far enough?!!

Rainy Doolin day saw sunshine with Mary Corbett, a B&B owner in Clifden who sings to her breakfast guest, was entertaining and oh so bold! when we happened into her sweater shop and within 90 seconds, after learning we were from Texas, proposed to our husbands that they "Oh, make me ye wife, gettin rid of these by taking them to SkyDrive, takin' them over the edge; then I'll be able to join ye in Tx" She was so bold and funny and just a pure joy to be around. We love her and her shop, even on the second visit the next day. I-rish to never forget!

The Crow's Nest lunch crowd at the neighboring table... as we enjoyed amazing pub food in the land of The Quiet Man-movie, we had a wonderful mirror into the future, with the joyful loving 12+ friends sitting at the table next to us. They shared stories and tales during the hour-long lunch and we couldn't help but to enjoy their joy (from a distance) and offer a prayer that God would allow each of the OchoKlan with the same love of friends, joy of a mid-day lunch, and happiness that filled their laughter and bounced off the pub walls. I-rish to never forget!

Our new Kiwi-friends, Felicity (school teacher, retired) & hubby Stan (mushroom farmer, retired) from Nelson, NZ sharing their stories, dinner and a pint, and a meal prayer.

Liz and son Stephen from The Anvil Bar, who grew to love us and our nacho ordering-ways. she's gonna be a great tour guide.

The surprise visit from Ophelia. I-rish to never forget!

The pure joy of music / trad Sessions, may they forever live in our hearts.

The beautiful people at the Oval Office.

The amazing and gracious serving staff treating us like family at each meal. I-rish to never forget!

The hours, days, weeks of laughter.

The car rides, roads, and countryside beyond word-description.

Irish, may I never forget!

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