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April 27th 2014
Published: April 28th 2014
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Flying againFlying againFlying again

Up up and away!!
My mom was fast moving on the recovery kick. All the therapists agreed she was stronger everyday. She was starting to have use of her right side and using a cane. She was still not able to do small things but Harland, my stepdad, was being trained to help her with small details.

So my travel-mind started to dream again of the world. There were still countries I hadn't been to. I looked online for tickets. I wanted to continue around the earth the way I was going but it was too pricey to fly all the way to Indonesia (my last nearest destination from Nepal) from where I was in USA.

So I settled for a round trip from NYC to Ireland. I found a flight on American Airlines for around $500 and an Irish airline that could fly me beyond the ol sod for $20 and up.

I had a red-eye from New York City and it laid over briefly in London town. I had met a girl named Tali (pronounced Tally!) at the airport in New York who was flying to Dublin on a vegan adventure. We got along great from the minute I
Me n the lasses!Me n the lasses!Me n the lasses!

Dublin Dinner
asked her if she could guard my laptop which I had out charging. I went to a shop and spent a lot of time away from it and her. She thought it was funny.

Then I borrowed her iPhone to check in with my mom right before the flight was taking off. She left her phone with me because I was using it and she had been called on the plane. I found her after. This trust swap made us become friends instantly. Plus we were going to a land of rad-ness.

At London-Heathrow they almost didn't let me through. The nerve. I had to show them documentation that I would be traveling again to New York and leaving the UK. After that drama I literally had to run through security and cut the lines to make it.

Sprinting down hallways and over hurdles I was an Olympic airport runner with songs from Pink Floyd's, "Dark Side of the Moon" album running in my brain. Courteous gentleman moving aside. I barely made the British Airways hopper to Dublin. Ugh! But I found my seat and there was room for Tali to sit beside me!

I have a friend who is like a sister named Mariah who lived in Dublin for a few years during college. I knew all her close Irish friends and they were there to welcome me. Aine (pronounced on-ya!) met me in central Dublin and we wandered off in the city. She was a mom now and her son, little Elijah, was there. He was being strolled around watching the ducks in the park and the flowers. He was just like me. In a new world and happy to be there taking everything in. Our beautiful Irish hostess was giving us the tour of the amazing town.

As I was struggling to keep my eyes open Aine offered that we return to her place and I get some sleep. I couldn't have agreed more. We took the train and I crashed out.

That night we went back into town to have a few beers in the city center. I called Tali and she linked up with us at the Temple bar which is in the Temple bar area (confusing I know) near the college. It's a great little area where everyone is enjoying themselves (as the Irish do). There was an amazing scene of music that I really enamored on.

Happily enough; late into the night I was so drunk that they denied me entry at one of the best clubs. Now that's saying something in Ireland. We tried again and just had to talk about Hawaii a bit and how I was from there and the bouncer loved me. The first was jealous that I was with two hot chicks.

Anyway we continued our debauchery. I had never tasted a drink so good as a cold Irish Guinness from the land it was created (a root beer float is the only thing that comes close.)

I was off in my element of world travel again.

Life was all around and I was having a celebration of everything good in the world and the opening to a new European adventure.


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