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May 7th 2012
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Repacking bagRepacking bagRepacking bag

I took everyting out of my bag and repacked it leaving out some items I deemed I could do without on this trip.
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May 1st - I went and ordered some Euro’s from the Bank of America today. They said I should get them in about 3 days and they would call me. Everything I read about it said to wait and get Euro’s from an ATM at the airport when I arrive in order to get a better rate but I feel uncomfortable about arriving in Ireland with no Euro’s and for some reason my card not working in an ATM there.....With about 200 Euro’s I can at least pay for my Hostel bed for 5 days and have some other money available while I deal with getting things straightened out with the bank. I will call their number on the card tomorrow and let them know for sure that I will be in Ireland/England May 9-June 20. I ordered about $300 worth of Euro’s with an exchange rate of 1.398 dollar per Euro which for $300 comes out to 215 Euro’s....I also will take about $300 cash in dollars to convert to Euro's if neccesary. So that will give me about a $600 comfort zone till I am sure there is no foul up by my bank "protecting me".

After dealing with the money cushion I went by Wal Mart and bought an international Converter for $19. I’m somewhat annoyed that the converter only has a 2 hole plug in, so I guess I will have to use a 3pin down to 2 pin adaptor with it as well.

I was very pleased to find out that smoking is banned in pubs and enclosed common areas of hotels etc ,however it is permitted in prisons and mental hospitals......: > D.

May 3 – I called my bank to let them know that I would be traveling outside the US from 10 May till 20 June and after letting the woman know she had me listen to a recording and it said to make sure that my Pin Number did not begin in a 0 (zero).!!?? It does, so today’s task is to go by the bank and change my pin. Also I will pick up my Euro’s I ordered as the bank called me earlier and let me know my Euro’s that I had ordered had arrived.

Sunday May 6 - Unpacked my bag and repacked it again eliminating what hopefully could be dispensed with. The plan is to finish my last minute preparations, close down my RV, and then drive over to my sister’s house Tuesday afternoon and stay overnight. Wednesday morning my brother Danny and I will go to the Airport in Austin and he will bring my truck back....Any doubts I may have had about if I was doing the right thing have been eliminated in the recent bit of hot weather. Before this is all over I may have a summer “home base” in Ireland, or elsewhere in Europe.

One thing is for sure….I’m going to miss SuperWalmart !!.

I received an email from the Generator Hostel in Dublin welcoming me for next week. I replied and reminded them that I needed a bottom bunk and a non smoking room if possible. I also requested a room on the top floor as far away from the bar downstairs if possible even if it is on the 7th floor. I received a reply that they would try to accommodate me but couldn’t guarantee anything……I guess we shall see. I found out looking at their web page that the entire property is smoke free…so that’s great. And of course I have packed some earplugs and a sleep mask.

I’ve started napping in the late afternoon and evening and staying up all night so as to be better adjusted to the time change when I arrive in Dublin, which is 6 hours ahead of Central Standard Time. By that reckoning I will arrive at 1AM Central Standard Time which is 7AM Dublin time. Check in time at the Generator Hostel is 2PM but I can bring my bag by and store it if I wish. More likely I will eat breakfast when I get to Dublin, then find my way to the hostel at a leisurely pace. Then I will pay for my room and take care of paperwork even if I can’t check in till 2PM so as to eliminate standing around in a line any more than necessary. At least that’s the plan…..we shall see. In any case they have Wi-Fi so I can get on my laptop if I need to use up some time waiting. I am a Hostel Virgin so this will be my first time staying in a hostel.....I hope they are gentle with me….: > ).


8th May 2012

Hello William
Every hostel is different. Some are quiet and some are not. Hopefully, you'll have a room on the 7th floor and not have issues. You never know what you will encounter so you need to be prepared. Do you travel with an ipod? Sometimes the music of your choice is nice on a bus or train to drown out the back ground noise. A travel pillow works well for napping in those locations. I would not leave any electronics in your room unattended. If you use some white space above in the text for smaller paragraphs it will be easier for people to read. Yeah! Looks like you are ready. Can't wait to read more.
9th May 2012

Hostel virgin
Staying in a hostel is a new experience to me, but to me having new experiences is what keeps my mind in good shape. I know I will have some adjusting to do but hope the advantages of having other people who I can talk to and maybe gain some useful knowledge from will outweigh any discomforts to be born by communal living. The main advantage of travel to me is it keeps my mind and body from going "soft". I have been adjusting my sleep for the past few days and so am already on "Dublin" time so that ought to make the adjustment somewhat easier. : > )

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