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July 8th 2008
Published: July 8th 2008
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Well it's day 2 now but I'll a bit about day 1 in Dublin. We flew in at about 11. I think we were very tired (as we didn't sleep much on the plane) but didn't really notice until we dropped our stuff in a locker at the Avalon House and went to a pub (Toner's) for a couple pints. Half cut, very hungry and very tired we ate some chips covered in salad dressing (it hurt afterward) and checked into our room. We then promptly slept through the prime Dublin drinking hours. When we woke (about 5 hours later) we went in search of a grocery store. We found a Cost Cutters near our hostel but instead of getting cheap food we somehow ended up at another pub. At the Vat House we discovered that our favourite whisky is a single malt, 16 y/o Bushmills. On the way home we bought more chips, but wisely declined the dressing, and went back to the Avalon for cards and a movie on the zune.

The next morning (actually about 12:30) we missed our free breakfast and got dressed. We haven't decided on our next move today but I have a feeling there will be a pub involved!

Until next time,
Jay and Alex

(Photos to come later)


8th July 2008

A pub, really?
Wow, sounds like you guys are gonna run them dry in no time! Good thing you guys have a long time to adjust to the time zone. It's funny that you guys have planned for so long to be so cheap so you can drag the trip out as long as possible, but on the first day you expertly avoid the grocery store and miss the free breakfast! Classic! Oh well, there is always tomorrow!
9th July 2008

so.....we've done not too bad with the jet lag thing. \had a great time in \london and are now on our way up to Scotland. we are in edinburgh tomorrow. and can't wait to meet up with you guys. \\\\\london was very $$$$$$ but we sure have some advice on things not to miss. we won't get much time with you \Boo hoo get in the evening, one whole day, then leave the next morning. Talk to you soon love you mom and jim \cant get used to the different key board
10th July 2008

good start to the trip
I certainly endorse the suggestion that you have back-up copies of your ID. If you continue with this pattern of behaviour you will need all resources to remember who you are and where you came from. Keep it up!

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