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May 2nd 2008
Published: May 2nd 2008
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real pros at toss back a pint
If you get Dublin on your hands don't rub your eyes. it stings like a bitch. thats just alittle something i discovered this morning. Anyway, the first day was unbelievable. Dad got me to the airport in record time and i cruised through security. all in all i was 3 and a half hours early. when i finally did board the plane, i took one look at my seat and i knew why i got it for $200. baby Ava would have been squeshed. i know this because the baby sitting next to me must have been with that crying the whole damb flight non-sense. and what really sucked was that some useless bastard on the plane had a nut allergy so guess what... no peanuts for anyone. dillhole!

Now with the perils of the flight over i was in dublin. Talked alittle talk and danced alittle dance to the women in immagration and got 90days pass for ireland. more than ill need by a mile. Customs wouldn't have cared if i had weapons grade plutonium in my pack, they just waved me through. then out to the airport. Standing in line for the bus info, i met up with 3 guys from L.A. Peter aka Juice, Jeremy aka Scarecrow, and Ryan aka chin aka chinny aka D-bag. We caught the bus into town, found lodging, then hit the world famous temple bar. We were there 4 times through out the day and night and the same 4 dubliners were holding down a table from open to close. Real proffessionals. erin, damo, nole, and the great whatever his name was.

we walked the streets up and down the river. saw dublin caste, trinity college, bunch a churches, and other important stuff. this is a town you can fall in love with just by looking at. forget it if you actually talk to some one.the they are some of the friendliest people on face of the earth. the only real downside to the town is the cost. its really expensive here so im no staying long. im also going to skip england. its even more expensive and also full of english people. no thank you.

anyway, i haven' t figured out my next move yet so im off to do some plotting. till next time

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5th May 2008

lookin good!
Hi Bob, 1 beer picture down, keep 'em coming. Sounds like you are off to a good start. The blog is a great idea, but I want to hear more. Where are you now?????
5th May 2008

How did you fit that all in one day! Incredible...... Sounds like a job for Superman!..... have fun..
24th May 2008

oh the blackmail pics...
totally forgot they existed! when they say its a perfect time for a guinness they really mean it!

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