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June 4th 2007
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Well apparently I didn't explain enough!! I did not in fact go to Guiness Brewery. Correction, I went, but it had just closed. The guy I was walking with and I got lost, but I think I'll have enough time to see it before I go to the airport tomorrow.

By "going out" and stuff, I meant that I was walking and some people invited me to go with them to whereever it is that they were going.

And as for the British guy that I met on the Cornwall is why he's creepy. He told some other guy on our tour that he goes on these tours to sleep with women because they're easier...when the other guy asked him how he got so many girls, he said you slip them a rufie (I dunno how to spell it, but it's that date rape drug) and when the other guy was like "Surely you're joking?" and the guy was like.....yea...... which means he was not in fact joking. But apparently I'm his "ultimate" 😊 which is flattering but also EW!!! He told all these guys he wanted me, but I was talking to this nice Canadian so the creepy guy didn't come up to me and he actually left a day early since he realized he wasn't going to get anyone. So, hooray for me talking to Canadians and saving me!!!! EWWW ON CREEPY ENGLISH PEOPLE~!


5th June 2007

hooray for Canadians, eh!
Hey You!- um yeah...that guy was uber creepy. When you're in France...go to the bottom of the screen in cafes and switch the keyboard to's similar enough, but has 5 letters that are different and just enough to screw you over!! Pay the extra 7 euro and go to the TOP of the eiffel! If you do it about 1 hour before sunset (it takes a while at the 2nd tier, you'll see what I mean) then you'll get to the top in time. Check out the safety signs in the Metro and inside the Eiffel elevator-they are pretty awesome. Enjoy Paris- My heart is there with you!!! J'espere etre a Paris, mais je doit travailler. Paix et gros bisous! ~ Em

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