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May 25th 2016
Published: May 26th 2016
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I just couldn't resist. I saw an add in the newspaper for a return flight to Iceland for $125 on WOW airlines out of Iceland. Checking further, I saw with taxes an airport fees, that the price would be double. Nevertheless, it was still a good deal. Only allowed 5 kilos before heavy fees are applied. I would be flying solo so decided to save some money and sleep in a dorm setting.

Knowing that the rest of the visit would be expensive, it would be for only four days. Just enough time to visit some museums in the capital and maybe a side trip into the countryside. Rain and wind was forcast for the duration of my stay.

Hours before leaving, I recieve an e-mail from the airline saying that the air traffic controllers in Iceland were on strike and the flight was delayed by five hours. Not really a problem as originally I was to arrive at 5:30 in the morning. Once at the airport, it was announced that the flight was delayed by another hour. That would screw up my bus reservations into the city and then out to Blue Lagoon for a soak in the natural hot tub. I figured that after a five hour flight in the cheap seats the old butt would welcome some warmth.

That was not the end of the misadventures. The couple that were seat mates spent most of the flight drinking and talking loudly. When the girl finally decided to take a nap, she tossed and turned, bumping me and crowding my space. No nap for me. Finally, I let her know that she was being another pain in my butt. It was like when we were kids on a long car trip. The back seat was a war zone and boundaries were set. She sulked the rest of the flight. Poor boyfriend. She is a high maintenance girlfriend.


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