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July 23rd 2010
Published: July 24th 2010
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We went to Iceland for a reason - to meet Viking girls. We were in Iceland in early July 2010. We went there to meet beautiful Nordic women with long blond hair and blue eyes. We were four lonely Canadian boys... on a mission to meet Icelandic women, and to toast our best friend, who is getting married in a few weeks.

It was around 4pm Iceland time when our flight landed at <a>Keflavik international Airport</a> after which our quartet was promptly shuttled to Reykjavik by minibus.

That sunny afternoon, downtown Reykjavik was a balmy 10 degrees and quite busy with tourists. we moved hotels and visited The Blue Lagoon and went for a swim in the milky blue water while they sorted it all out. Our bandleader was a sefl appointed local cultural expert and so he became the hub of all outgoing communications and only point contact with the real world as we relaxed in the milky blue clay volcanic waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Hotel overbooking is common in Iceland, but in our case the hotel administration was able to give a free upgrade to a better hotel around the corner - thanks again to our communications officer.

At eight pm that evening we realized the sun doesn’t and wasnt ever going to set in Reykjavík Iceland (in July). Icelanders tend to go out late, so after we slept for two hours and changed, we had time for a late supper followed by copious amounts of drinking. Perhaps that’s why the city is famous for its nightlife and 48 hour party weekends. I recall we consumed native spirits alongside little bits of rotting shark meat.

It was hard to choose where to star looking for women - for one thing there are over one hundred different bars and clubs in Reykjavík and most of them are located on Laugavegur and its side streets. It is very common for an establishment that is a café before dinner to turn into a bar in the evening.

At midnight we ascended up the main street Laugavegur to Café Oliver, a respectable restaurant by day and rocking party house at night.

<a>Cafe Oliver </a> is a restaurant that changes into a nightclub on the weekends for the younger crowds. The bar was almost empty when we arrived and that was around midnight when a DJ began to play music.

People tend to drink at home before going out. Alcohol is relatively expensive at bars. The locals told us that beer was banned in Iceland until the 1990s, but we could see that it was now the most popular alcoholic beverage.

A brand of beer named 'Gull' is the cheapest option and quite tasty. We saw the brewery outside Reykjavik. I drank a lot and was really feeling superb ...

At midnight the young Icelandic women began to appear two at a time to occupy tables opposite the dance floor. The best seats were filled with beautiful girls that would sit together at tables with no drinks in front of them and they would look around and play with their phones.

This is not a country where you will find many women staying in the house. Ninety percent of Iceland's women have jobs outside the home. Icelandic woman like to say that their independence stems from their climate and working the soil while their men were off at sea.

Before I could decide on a respectful approach there were a dozen beautiful blonds and brunettes with short hair and trim little bodies looking at me and my mates - i think some of them called their friends from other bars when they saw we were freely buying drinks and indeed competing with each other to buy the most drinks. It was soon noted that when and if you could make eye contact with them they would hold your eyes for a blissful moment and then look down at the empty table in front of them.

Everyone speaks English. At midnight the music is quiet. Now is the time to make connections. We ordered lots and lots of vodka shots, beers and wine. The drinks were ferried across the empty dance floor to willing consumers each being entertained by one or more members of the wedding entourage.

Viking Girls - these are the descendants of the most beautiful women in Europe - legend has it that the Viking raiders kidnapped women and gathered the most beautiful women from the villages they raided and then took them back to Iceland. They instinctively knew that the best looking women would be good mothers and so that's why the women of Iceland are complete knockouts and mostly blue eyed blonds with ample breasts.

In North mythology, these women are known as The Valkyrurs - they are the beautiful and powerful women of Odin who escort slain warriors to the heavenly gates of Valhalla. In modern-day Iceland, the term has become interchangeable with the native Icelandic women themselves, esp those blue eyed blondes.

At 1pm inside Cafe Oliver, after even more mingling and drinks and revelry at the bar, the DJ's music got louder and the dim lights went dark and suddenly the place seemed to get real crowded...

One BIG SECRET to the success of this event was the sad fact that our buddy was dressed like a frumpy Viking warrior complete with a horned hat purchased at the local gift shop for just such an occasion, and a skin tight t-shirt and baggy jean shorts. It was an outstanding costume that served to remind everyone at cafe Olivers that he was special and at the center of a visiting friend network - he got immediate service at the bar and the DJ played his band's rock music.

An hour later the dance floor became a mosh pit - people jumping up and down - elbows. The party had some sharp edges

We met girls with names like Ludmilla and Angnes, a Polish girl working in the Icelandic health care system that I danced with until dawn, on or about four thirty am we spilled out onto the street. My buddy met a sweet girl who turned out to be there visiting a criminal attorney - it was complicated.

Closing time is usually around 6 am at weekends and 1 am during the week.

Outside on Laugavegur, on the main street of 'the strip' we regrouped after we'd all independently and instinctually left the bar when they stopped serving drinks to us - and I honestly cant remember what time that was... But I do recall that the main street was packed with people, mostly beautiful girls.

That particular place at that particular time has got to one of the very best places on the planet to meet beautiful girls. Downtown Reykjavik at 5am. Any sharp dressed man with a box of pizza can meet dozens of friendly females that are just walking alone or with hungry friends along the main strip toward nearby bus connections.

Laugavegur St in Reykjavik is full of people at five in the morning and almost everyone is inebriated - music drifts over the cobbled lanes from open apartments and passing car windows. This is the best place to truly see the cross section of society and beautiful women on parade.


9th August 2010

Rob Campbell knows how to live
Great story Rob and some really good shots too. Iceland is a whole new world untainted by the outside, that is until the four Canadian boys showed up. Looks like we all missed a really good party. Cheers

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