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March 22nd 2007
Published: March 22nd 2007
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At HeathrowAt HeathrowAt Heathrow

Our plane prior to boarding at Heathrow.

Around the world in 6 days

 Europe » Iceland » Reykjavík By rosy59
March 22nd 2007
Rosemary Shanks
Had a very surreal travel experience in March when i spent 2 days flying to Iceland from North Queensland Australia, 48 hours staying there and then 2 days for flying back again.
So i left on Thursday morning at 6-45am and arrived in Iceland on Friday 4-00pm their time, via Brisbane, Sydney, Hong kong, Heathrow and then into Iceland.
In 48 hours i managed to see most of what was on offer in Reykjavik, thanks to Barbara and Jana, Asta and Solveig and Rosa and her family.
I stayed in a wonderful apartment in the old part of the town, got driven around all the tourist and interesting places, had a wonderful meal with a local family in their home and walked around on a quiet Sunday morning.
Then back on a plane on Sunday afternoon via Heathrow, Bangkok, Sydney, Brisbane and into Mackay on Tuesday afternoon and back to work on Wednesday.
The photos will tell the story better than words.

Additional photos below
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Iceland from the airIceland from the air
Iceland from the air

We were lucky that it was relatively clear skies when we arrived
Friday nightFriday night
Friday night

Even though it was March it was snowing, this is the main street on Friday night, many clubs, pubs and bars

A typical apartment in the old part of the town
Parking hasslesParking hassles
Parking hassles

There is so little parking in the old part of town, with very strict tow away zones
Feeding the swans Feeding the swans
Feeding the swans

This waterway freezes over in the winter but in the spring feeding the ducks is popular. Very expensive houses are in the background and also the main adminstration buildings of the captial are in the right of the picture
Secondary schoolSecondary school
Secondary school

Jana and Barbara outside her old school in the middle of town
Russian inspired Russian inspired
Russian inspired

liked the look of this house

This statue is of Jon Sigurosson who was the leader in Iceland's quest for independace from Denmark on June 17 1944.

Iceland has the world's oldest functioning legislative assembly which was established in 930AD. This is the current parliament building.
fishing fleetfishing fleet
fishing fleet

Even though fishing only employs less than 3% it economically important. Try the dried fish, yummm!!! (not)

86% of iceland state it is Lutheran and this is the cathedral. Take the lift to the top of the tower, climb the short stair case and you will get magnificent views of the capital
View from the topView from the top
View from the top

One of the views from the tower of the cathedral of the newer part of the town
Cold WarCold War
Cold War

Ronald Regan (USA) & Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR) held talks in this house to bring about the end of the cold War and hostilities between the two super powers.
Icelandic horseIcelandic horse
Icelandic horse

The locals are very proud of their horses which have a unique five gait system as opposed to four for the rest of the horses of the world. This one is taken in the zoo in the capital, a tiny zoo but worth a look

Visited the excellent museum at "The Pearl". You get a half hour talk via headphones in the major langages about the history of Iceland. These are the first migrants who came from the Nordic and Celtic regions in the 9th century
Geothermal powerGeothermal power
Geothermal power

Iceland is blessed with an abundance of natural power via its thermal activity. The power station is in the background. All heating in houses is supplied by natural hotwater, hot swimming pools are a big thing.
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

This is a must see, between the capital and the airport. Natural baths, silica mud, fresh showers, freezing cold air, 40 degree water. Solveig, Asta and Jana at the entrance
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Having fun. The moonscape like scenery in the background is very typical of the drive from the international airport to the capital with little to see but lava formed rocks and moss.
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

We spent at least two hours just chatting and sitting in thr water. Many local have never been there, but this is the spot for tourists.

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