"The bags will surely be waiting for you in London!"

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December 21st 2006
Published: December 30th 2006
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Second Leg of Trip

BWI-Reykjavik: flight time 5 hours, 15 minutes

Months back, the plan was to fly into Iceland and have a 9-hour layover. Scott felt it would give us the opportunity to leave the airport and see something of Reykjavik before we continued our trek east.

This plan was changed after a frank discussion was had that highlighted Kat's preference for not making a long and complicated travel itinerary any longer or complicated than it needed to be.

We had rearranged things so as to have a 2-hour layover. Of course, this was before we had a 5-hour delay coming out of BWI.

Our entire stay in Iceland involved getting off our plane, commenting on the lovely glass-walled jetways, walking across the hallway, and entering another glass-walled jetway. While we had been flying, it had been announced that Icelandair was holding the London plane for those of us trying to make that connection. At first, I felt warm fuzzies at such a nice thing to do. But, then. Well, then, I felt all the frustration that had built up during the lengthy delay out of BWI and I started to doubt this Icelandair Christmas gesture. How could it be possible that they held this plane? Even by my, admittedly, shaky middle of the night (day?) math skills, that plane should have left four hours ago.

Passing the lovely, Icelandic blond taking London boarding passes from the BWI refugees, I did pause to ask,

Will our bags make this connection?

She smiled with genuine warmth & sincerity.

But of course, I am sure that they will!

Really? Because it seems like we are gonna get in our seats, push back and take off, and I don't imagine that is enough time to get the bags off one plane and on to..."

"Yes! Yes! The bags will surely be waiting for you in London!

She even squeezed my arm. Twice.

Departure from Reykjavik: 1:30pm (Friday)


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