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August 23rd 2019
Published: August 24th 2019
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Showing where the icebergs flow.Showing where the icebergs flow.Showing where the icebergs flow.

See the one the Titanic hit.
Today our Greenland tour is over. The last 2 weeks have been fun, adventurous, surprising, vigorous, educational, and wonderful. Our small group of 5 plus our leader Jan started out in really small village, visited the Erik the Red settlement, then went to larger villages, hiked in 70 mph wind, took an alternative boat trip to Quarqatog due to the wind, visited a tannery, got on a ferry to Nuuk, had a rainy day in Nuuk, got on a flight to Ilulisat and this is when things got really awesome. We got on another boat to Eqi Glacier camp where we stayed for 2 nights, then took the boat back to Ilulissat. The next day we saw massive icebergs that calve from the most active glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. We had a sunset boat trip to view these glaciers up close.

My traveling companions have all been well traveled and they had lots of stories about places they have been to. It was a pleasure to travel with them. Jan, our tour guide, is a paraglider and also a beekeeper back in Denmark. He is also a geography and biology teacher.

Our flight out of Ilulissat flew right over the fjord with the massive calving icebergs from the glacier. Nice to see it from the air to see just how much ice is coming off that glacier.

We landed in Reykjavik about 1730 and all went our separate ways. Jan goes back to Denmark, John & Sheila back to New York, and Nick & Angela are doing the Ring Tour in a counterclockwise direction like I am. We are sure we will run into each other again.

I took a taxi to my AirBnB. I have a really nice room with shared kitchen and bathroom. She said I could do laundry which came in handy. I'm right down the street from a public thermal bath so I may make a visit there.

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