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September 12th 2013
Published: September 12th 2013
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Can you be a guide with some Indian ladies? They are coming to Iceland in March, six ladies all from the same family. Ah, I haven’t had many Indians on tours so I welcome such an opportunity, nice to get to know people from all around the world, hear how they live their lives, their culture. Worst is they arrived around midnight. I can’t say I enjoy picking people up at midnight. Well, let us make the most of it and since the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) will most likely be in the sky that evening then I will stop on the way to Reykjavik to show them this phenomena. And they were! A great show in the sky. I think my Indian ladies were tired after a long flight, they did not show much interest in the Lights that evening.

The following days it was cold, very cold and windy, even for an Icelander it was colder than the body could handle so I was not surprised when the Indian ladies did not go out of the bus in their saris and sandals. No need for them to buy socks to wear, that would be a waste to buy. If would have driven them into the restaurants if I could, to make it easier for them to have lunch etc.

One of the last days for the ladies and we had a tour of the city. However, the weather was crazy in the morning so I phoned them and postponed the tour till the day after. I did not think it would please them to be stuck in snow in the bus somewhere in the streets of Reykjavik. Most of the streets that day had cars stuck so even trucks to clear the snow off the streets could not do their jobs. The day after the weather had improved so I took them on a tour of the city and in the evening they asked if I could take them again to see the Northern Lights. Yes, of course I can do that, but it was raining and I had no hope of seeing the Lights that evening, told them so but they still wanted to try. Very well, we will try, but you have already seen the Northern Lights, I pointed out to them. BUT, they were not like you see on a postcard, was their response!


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