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July 7th 2009
Published: July 12th 2009
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DAY 84


Bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Francine and Yvonne head off to the super market for some fresh produce. First, stopping to have a coffee with Bill. The super market is at the back of the town and they got lost on the way. A lovely Greek lady helps them with directions. Finally they make it back to the boat.

All ready to set sail and off we go on our way to Syros, about a 5 hour trip. There is a nice wind and today we get to sail for a few hours. This morning Angie is at the helm and gets a lesson in sailing with the sails.

So the routine commences. Sailing, siesta and eating. We arrive in Syros at about 4pm. This town looks very much like Venice(Angie doesn't think so) and yes, it was once inhabited the Venetians. This island is the commercial, business and regulatory hub of the islands. There are many modern shops and we choose to go to the internet bar. We do some blog and watch some Wimbledon on the big screen. We then meet the rest of our group and wander through the back streets to a quaint alley way and find a lovely restaurant. We then wandered and window shopped on our way back to the boat.
Sorry that there is nothing more exciting to report on. Our lives traveling the Greek Isles have become so predicable. We have gone from the Rat Race to the life of the Greek Vagabond..

DAY 85


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. This morning we are heading to Mykonos. Sailing, siesta, eating. Today, we again had the chance to do some sailing. Captain Dave then advised that he was going to sit back and let us do all the sailing. If he needed to step in he would. Well we did fine, the boat is still upright. Francine helped with tacking the sails and Angie took the helm again and had to deal with the wind coming and going and was always having to adjust the boat direction to catch the wind. And then the wind died and it was back to motoring.

2pm and we arrive in Mykonos. The port is about a 15 minute walk from town and still under construction. No water, no power. Anyway,

Bill trying to make Angie look funny. He doesn't know that she doesn't need help.
Angie prepares the evening feast with assistance from Francine and Bill.

We also celebrated the 4th by raising the American flag on the boat. The flag was bought by our captain who is English. We then go for a swim at the beach, a short walk from the boat. Whilst swimming we watched an enormous cruise ship enter the port and even thought it was about 200m away and heading towards us we still had waves knocking us over, where it had been still before. We did not go in the little bay right near the boat as we had seen a concrete truck empty the residue of its load and wash out the barrel, leaving the bay white.

So it is now 6pm and we are having a traditional 4th of July picnic for dinner. The menu was hots dogs, sausages with buns! baked beans with brown sugar added, potato salad (absolutely delicous)and potato chips (crisps). The closest thing to apple pie was this Greek apple cake. The dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

DAY 86


The day is going to be hot and we make an early effort to go sightseeing to the island of Delos, which lies a few kilometers off Mykonos. It is the most important archeological sites in Greece. It is the birthplace of the mythical gods, twins Apollo and Artemis. It has been inhabited since 3 C. BC. But is now just an open air museum. The most impressive site ia the massive Terrace of Lions that guard the sacred island.

On the ferry back to Mykonos and we had a 20 minute nap. So at least we got our siesta. We wandered around Mykanos. White wash buildings and coloured shutters. We walk to the other side of the town to visit Little Venice. A few very old buildings build on the edge of the rocky ocean front. We find a great place for lunch. An ice cream shop. A few scoops in a cup and Yvonne had waffles and ice cream. We really are getting into the rhythm.

We waiting for a taxi to take us back to the boat. Angie and Francine became impatient and decided to start walking. Mmm, uphill to begin with. We then see a few taxis heading back into the town centre and it is so hot they decide to wave down the next one that comes along. Here it comes and we wave, great Yvonne is in the taxi. Back to the boat please. We freshen up and greet the new members of our group. Loretta (an Occupational Therapist) and her two daughters Rachel and Leah are from Canada. We leave Captain Dave to give them the boat orientation and we head off to Matthews Taverna for dinner and to meet up with them later on.

DAY 87


Mykonos to Syros, yes once again we are traveling to Syros. But this time we go to the main port just long enough to shop in the really nice Co Op grocery store. We find some comfort foods there that will assure us some good meals for the next couple of days. We buy tortilla wraps, cream cheese, tuna and salads, and we all buy our own stash of chocolate and soft drinks. So after stocking the galley we are off to the opposite side of the island. The trip is a short one and we motor since the winds are not favorable, meaning dead in the water. We harbor at the small village of Finikas.

Nothing much to do but the restaurants and shops are just on the streets in front of the harbor.

DAY 88


Traveling from Syros to Serifos is a very calm sea. There are no winds at all. The water is smooth as glass. There are not any other boats on the water but us. Francine said it looks great for a swim, it will help keep me awake. So Captain Dave turns off the motor. Yvonne has the back step down and both she and Francine are in the water. The rest of the group follows, except one to stay on board and then we take it in turns to have one person on board. Captain Dave and Angie show us how they do their synchronised diving.

After motoring for about 45 min. we hear “DOLPHINS”. We all scramble to the bow. We have a pod of at least 12 that we can see and they are swimming in and out in front of the boat. They are the largest dolphins that we have ever seen. No idea of the species, but magnificent and exciting to encounter them here in the South Aegean Sea. For Angie she is just glad that she is not swimming in the water when they approach.

After more motoring towards our destination, Francine is looking at how calm and blue the water is. She suggests to Bill that we should practice the “man overboard” drill. Bill double dares her to jump. She asks Dave if we do the drill. His response is “it is better to jump off the back of the boat”. So off with sunglasses, hat and shorts, picks up her noodle and jumps in. It is strange to see your boat motoring off into the distance. The alarm is called and all come running. As the boat turns Yvonne jumps in. Not sure if it is to save Fran or to cool off? The boat is turned around as if we were doing the drill and then we are all in the water for a fantastic swim. No dolphins.

4pm and we arrive in Serifos. We take a walk along the main street. Well we have struck it lucky. We are docked in the little marina about a 1 min. walk from the bakery. It has soft serve

That what we could him.
ice cream, baklava and a huge assortment of Greek pastries and chocolate cakes. We indulge and head off to the beach with the rest of the group for another swim.

We split up for dinner this evening as we all feel like something different. Along with our Canadian girls we have Greek Pizza. Yvonne and Bill head to the seafood restaurant, they crave fish and Dave keeps Bryan company at another Greek cafe. We all meet up after our meals and head up to the cocktail bar. A few travel stories are told and Captain Dave outdoes us all with his stories of delivering boats from one continent to another and all the dramas that arise along the way. It blew us away.

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Can you believe it.

Having fun at the ruins in Delos

A Wimba way.....

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