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September 14th 2019
Published: September 14th 2019
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My apologies to all my friends who think I have “un-friended” them due to non-receipt of my travel blog. Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for me) I have been too busy on holiday to actually sit down and write a witty blurb. That and the severe lack of affordable Wi-Fi on the cruise are to blame. Finally I can update you on our travels… So the normal check in fiasco happened in the ... Read Full Entry

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15th September 2019

Thank God you didn't block me!!!!
For a moment there I was worried!!! :) So happy you and Noel are having an amazing time (with the requisite glitches of course!!). Please keep posting- I adore your hilarious commentary. We miss you at school. Vanessa XXX
16th September 2019

hi .....Sounds like you guys are having a great time... enjoy enjoy xxx
18th September 2019

Hi Noel and Margaret Loved reading about your adventures. You need to see me for packing guidance. Peter and I leave with a bag each with under 15 kilos each for up to 6.5 weeks our favourite leaving weight is 12 kilos and we often return with 14-15.5 kilos max. I don’t know how you are managing with those 23 kilo bags you are awesome Noel 😃😃😃😃
21st September 2019

i'm with Catherine..... 23kgs???
Yeah.... i don't understand why you have so much luggage to start with...... When i went to Europe 10yrs ago.... we did a 9 night, 3 island "hop"..... Departing from Athens, we had to "load our own bags" on the ship.... this meant lugging it up some stairs before finding the storage place. I remember an American lady, travelling with her daughter, complaining about dragging her luggage up the stairs..... and all i thought was .... "if you can't carry it, then don't pack it"....... 15kgs sounds like a nice number to be dragging around. Mind you..... on one of the island stays.... i could smell the hotel laundry dryers..... and i thought..... fresh clothes would be nice.... and i didn't care what it cost, but i put it in to the hotel laundry for washing..... when it returned i just sat there for awhile smelling it.... nothing like the smell of fresh washed clothes..... much like the feeling of sleeping on fresh sheets.... :) Bring on more blogs!!!!

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