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May 8th 2012
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Harbour going towards the beach
I spent about 4 and a half months in Kos. In this time I think I saw it rain about 3 times, one of those being a massive storm back end of the season, which I love. Sat on my balcony at about 5am with Myphos in hand, having just got in from work, watching Zeus carry out his finest work until A lightning bolt came down and struck, leaving Kardamena silent with no light. Peace at last! I have always been a fan of the Greek islands since I first ventured to Malia in Crete in 2004. Even though this was just a lads holiday it gave me an insight into the laid back approach and friendliness the Greeks bring to everyone. The waters are fascinating and it is very easy to fall in love with the Aegean sea, which to this day all the locals believe it has healing powers. Even though I am sceptical, there is certainly nothing more relaxing and body soothing than floating in the Aegean. My day usually consisted of waking up about 11am and to go for some breakfast, usually at Paradise cafe near the Cleopatra Hotels. Truly remarkable grub to set you off
Kos townKos townKos town

Kos town Harbour
for the day. I would either walk towards the harbour for a dip in the sea or go for a walk, sometimes both. There is nothing like living next to the sea, it isn't the beaches that appeal to me, it's more the tranquil sound of the sea and the almost guaranteed sunshine everyday. Walking down the harbour front passing the locals who I had got to know and saying "Kali Mera" (Good Morning). This was all before I started to work 1-4pm everyday before my night shift. Even though I was working 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week, you find that you have the ability to sleep 5 hours a night and still have plenty of energy to get through the day with maybe a Ciesta late afternoon (mine usually being on the beach around half 4-5). The food in Kardamena is amazing, if you wanted a small snack then Papaki is the place to go (up the street by the side of Alexanders then straight up). Either a pork or chicken Gyros for 2.50 Euros. The owners' Brother owns a butchers and you can tell when you take your first bite that the quality is that
Kos FortressKos FortressKos Fortress

The fortress of Kos
much better than most. Later on when it is closed then Spiros has the nicest Gyros (next to Status - beware of the drunks leaving the club). In terms of restaurants, Captains has to be the best overall, Fine selection on the menu and the staff are honest in telling you what is fresh and what you get for your money. I ate here almost every night all summer, it is reasonably priced with added quality. If you fancy a curry then Alexanders is the only place, but have a chef from India who delivers dishes far better than any takeaway or restaurant back home. The nightlife is fairly good, and not too in-your-face. The square is a good place to start with bar 1960 having the best variety (shows all the football/sport, has families as well as fun with the staff). Bar street is ok but PR's can get in your face. Best thing to do is to walk fast and don't make eye contact. The bands is great if you're into indie/rock, prices are higher than most down there but they serve you proper drinks and not rubbish (hence the sambuca is like syrup and not p*ss). There
Kardamena HarbourKardamena HarbourKardamena Harbour

The harbour in Kardamena (part of it)
are two main clubs Starlight and Status, Starlight is only good if it has a big night planned, while status is quite consistent (usually quite full and with decent dance music). Downtown is a smaller club but is great if you're into random music (60's/70's/80's/90's/rock, etc). At the back end of my trip I went to Kos town, which is much more built-up than Kardamena. Kos town still has very cheap food places were you can get a moussaka for about 5 Euros and a beer for about 1.50-2 Euros. It is a very nice day out with many things to go looking at. It has an attractive harbour with boat trips available. I personally went for the option of seeing the Kos Fortress. If this is you, it is a must. Remarkable and very big, I was in there for a couple of hours. All in all my trip to Kos was very enjoyable, which is why I stayed there for a month longer than expected. If you're planning on working over there, most work is word of mouth and you're most likely going to get work if you go early season (May) or July when it starts to get very busy. Last year June was a bit dead and alot of bars were funny about taking on. Look for bars and restaurants that have a good reputation and are always busy, they pay better and you will get free drinks or food. Some places will try and pay you as little as 5 Euros a night if they're not busy which you just can't live on. If you want to be a Waiter/ress, look to work in a bar in the square or a restaurant, otherwise if you want to be a PR then head to bar street. Also rep jobs are popular June-Aug for Clubs (downtown/status/starlight). These are well paid and not long hours but you will probably work 11pm-4am. The more Greeks you get to know the better, they will tell you who is looking for staff, who has the best drinks/food, etc. This goes with accommodation aswell, don't go paying hundreds to stay in a pit. They are all generally related in some way, so all have cousins, Brothers, etc, who own buildings. Look to pay 200-300 per month for a place with a balcony and don't forgot you'll only use it as a place to sleep and shower. I got to know lots of locals, they are nice, honest people and will help you out as much as they can. They like nothing more than a polite, hard working individual. Once you gain their trust, they will do alot for you. Who knows it could be a seasonal get away for you every year if you play your cards right, there's definitely much worst places to live!


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