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November 28th 2013
Published: December 8th 2013
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St Thomas Bay, KefaloniaSt Thomas Bay, KefaloniaSt Thomas Bay, Kefalonia

The view from the villa.
Villas are definitely the way forward. During this mega-intensive year without travel, self-afflicted after choosing to do this super-difficult master’s, I think a few luxuries can be forgiven.

This trip was quite a departure from the typical trips described in these blogs of mine. No budget accommodation was involved, no guidebook, no cheap dodgy street-food, no arriving at an airport unsure of what to do next, and no travelling by myself.

Fifty years of marriage is quite an achievement and definitely worth celebrating. My mum and dad have managed to drag out this celebration over most of the year and I can’t fault them for that. I sometimes get a month out of my birthday and a golden wedding anniversary is a lot more special and probably something I’ll never celebrate unless I get hitched sharpish.

In addition to the parties, meals out, barbecues, etc, a holiday was planned; the first time the four of us (ma, pa, sister and me) would go abroad together since Turkey in 1995. Partners were invited too, making it a group of six.

Greece is a favourite spot for all of us, and to make the holiday that bit more special, we fancied getting a villa. Thus we ended up in St Georges Bay in Kefalonia for a week in May/June.

I’ve never stayed in a villa before and I can really recommend it. I’ve never thought of myself as anti-social but having our own place more or less in the middle of nowhere was great. Having a fridge full of food and drink, a great big barbecue, a garden, a car, a pool, I don’t know how I survived without them on previous trips.

The bay and small beach couldn’t be described as beautiful but the view across the bay to the 1600m Mount Ainos (careful how you pronounce that one) was a lovely one as we lazed on our terrace high above the sea. Heading inland from the coast, as we did every morning for fresh bread, to the pretty little village of Karavados, was a lovely walk through olive groves and down overgrown lanes.

The island of Kefalonia was devastated by an earthquake in 1953 so there aren’t the ancient churches, monasteries and villages that you see on many Greek islands.
Road to KaravadosRoad to KaravadosRoad to Karavados

Ma and pa on the daily morning stroll for fresh bread.
The villages are relatively new and obviously affluent given the size of the houses. The capital, Argostoli, is nice, but nothing special. However, it’s pleasant to stroll around early in the morning to buy fresh fish from the harbour to be barbecued later while the townspeople are just starting their day.

We did one exploratory trip towards the north of the island visiting the lovely (from above) Myrtos Beach. This beach commonly wins the best in Greece award and from the high coastal road the view is stunning. At the bottom of steep green mountains is a beach of the purest white in front of a vividly azure sea. If you venture down the hairpins to the beach itself, it’s still very nice, but not the most comfortable place to spend the day. Rather than white sand, the beach is made up of marble cobbles and pebbles. Blindingly white and as comfy as a bed made of cricket balls combined with the heat reflecting from the marble cliffs and you’ll understand why we didn’t linger that long.

We continued north to Asos. This was the Greece that we know and love: a cute fishing
Myrtos BeachMyrtos BeachMyrtos Beach

Beautiful from above, baking hot and stony when on it.
village on a calm bay with little restaurants almost touching the crystal clear water. We stayed just long enough to sample the fresh seafood and decide that this would be a great place to spend a long weekend.

Overall it was a very relaxing holiday – just what I needed between exams and thesis – and just what mum and dad had in mind; all of us together eating nice food, drinking nice drink, in lovely surroundings.

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Karavados ChurchKaravados Church
Karavados Church

Pretty but not too old seeing as most buildings on the island were destroyed in the 1953 earthquake.

The advantages of having your own villa with a great big barbecue in the garden.

This old chap was selling honey.

A very cute little old fishing village.

Very nice fresh fish available here.

8th December 2013

Wonderful time with family
A departure from your past blogs as you said but what a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

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