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June 29th 2011
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Lazy hazy beach daze allowed me to rekindle my love of sea glass. Will found several pieces and Marika was our unparalleled sea glass queen. Amanda’s blog brought sea glass back on my radar months back, - long dormant since my childhood Christmases in Barbados.

Marika seemingly has sea glass radar, unearthing the tiniest visible speck in a cacophony of shells and pebbles, rounded and rolled by countless waves. Some force makes it illegal to count sea glass – it is simply a contradiction in terms – finding and loving sea glass is all about NOT counting how many pieces one has – but oodles enough for Marika to make ornaments, jewellery, hanging glass or whatever she wants if anything after we get home…

Teresa and Sebastian and their adorable little boy Anastazi (?sp) are the owners of the tavern and apartments we call our home in Agios Gordios. They were ever so kind to take time away from their busy lives to take the four of us to the far end of Corfu Town where we boarded a small boat to nearby Mouse Island – a dot of terran Greece off the coast with lovely views and breezes. Then we all enjoyed frozen coffees overlooking the waters separating Greece from Albania and returned to the tavern.
This, like Gialova in the SW Peloponnese is a timeless place where we could spend weeks and at a deep level remain blissfully oblivious to the passing of time. Far and above our favourite two places on our trip. Likely no coincidence that both of these accommodations are lovely, clean, quiet, long-run family businesses with amazing home cooking and little fuss – just warmth, kindness and consideration.

After a fabulous last dinner of pastitsio, lamb and other Greek treats istening to bouzouki music we walked down to the beach and then back for a late good night.

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Two familesTwo familes
Two familes

Our apartment and taverna owners Sebastian and his mother hug Marika and Will

30th June 2011

Pastitsio.....ahhhhhhhhhhh....i LOVE pastitsio.......... Very very jealous. And now hungry. David PS: GREAT freckles William...they come out in the Greek sun!
30th June 2011

sea glass
I SO love sea glass too. Way to go Marika! And so much enjoying reading about your adventures. Keep 'em coming! love, Marieke

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