Holy Crete

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19th January 2007

Holy Indeed!
Wow! I've never commented on a random blog before, but wow. I love traveling to tropical countries, and have seen some beautiful beaches from Fiji to Cuba but wow! This place looks absolutely incredible, and I've never heard of it. This is definitely going to be researched and hopefully visited one day. Thanks for showing.
20th March 2007

Lagoon Balos oh my god
That lagoon balos is gorgeous me and a friend want to go away andthat looks perfect were is it exactly is there a resort or how do you get there
21st March 2007

Lagoon Balos
Lisa-Marie, I believe the only way to get there is by boat. The marina to catch the boat was an hr drive from Chandi and the boat was another 1hr I think. Don't believe there is a resort, but you can camp if you like. We did a day trip. Enjoy and thank you for reading our blog.
29th June 2011

I agree - Crete is a wonderful destination
Plenty of beaches, sun, sand, good food and reasonable accommodation. Wonderful scenery, fantastic archaeology and history, generous people and sooooo relaxing. Downside - as you say - mad Greek drivers .... even the buses. Had one guy who checked out his CD player whilst chatting on his mobile and driving like crazy tailing the car in front along an incredibly winding beach / cliff road. I also agree that Samaria Gorge must be my next 'port of call' so thanks for the tip re: the beauty of Hania / Chania / Cania ... If you decide to go west next time take a look at Malia ... in between Malia beach road and Stalis it is wonderful. Clean, comfortable, quiet little apartments in the middle of farmland only a five minute walk to Malia beach - the quiet end - and ten from Malia centre and Spar for superb your every catering need ... superb salads and fruit, fabulous cheeses and breads, delicious meats and fish prepared to your requirements and more than enough choice of accompaniments. We have now been twice - 2 adults (mom and daughter) and 3 children ranging in ages from 11 to 15.
29th June 2011

PS - further to my first email ..... re: Malia, etc
Forgot to say - we went to Crete at the end of October. Don't for heavens sake go in the high season for, apparently, you won't get a moment's peace for the mad teenagers ranging up and down Beach Road. Although the little haven I mentioned is a 10 minute walk from this area you are certain to hear the noise which seemingly goes on from dawn to dusk and all through the night! October gives wonderful weather for touring, visiting sites and beaching and bathing 98% of the time. We only experienced cooler weather for 2 or three days in 3 weeks of holidaying over 2 years. For the rest we were in the sea every day or wandering the mountains, villages and archeaological sites.
11th October 2011

Which place is this? I really want to visit it. Its immensely beautiful, gorgeous.
7th January 2012

Balos, Crete
You can drive to a small car park on the top of Balos peninsular and park your car for free, although beware as the drive is bumpy so you mustn't be precious about the cars. You can then walk for 15 minutes down a steep cliffside (there are steps - but don't attempt if you have mobility problems) which is fine if you are reasonably fit. This is much better than the boats - the boats are full of German/Dutch tourists and by the time they arrive the walkers will have taken all the sun loungers as there are very few. I always walk & I have had an ACL reconstruction. Also they do not stop for very long so you get limited time on the beach. Walking also gives you the greatest views across the lagoon. It really is worth a trip, and maybe to buy some rock salt from the cafe owner at the taverna. Another beautiful place to visit is Elafonisi, where the beach is very wide and smooth and has warm currents. It is very shallow. As for the person who says visit Malia..... I must warn you not to!! As a British/Greek we avoid the place completely. It is run by foreigners who exploit foreign workers and young British and Dutch tourists. It is an unpleasant place which has been spoilt by the youth. I am only 25, but I would never have considered going. You will be overcharged, badly fed and constantly overwhelmed by British teenagers. Visit Elounda instead: beautiful restaurants and you can see Spinalonga.

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