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October 25th 2014
Published: October 25th 2014
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Deke and I awoke to a rainy day in Athens; there was a lot of thunder and lightning and I mentioned to Deke that perhaps Zeus was angry. It was really quite dramatic to experience in the shadow of The Acropolis. Deke went out to run some errands, and came back hurting and limping; he had fallen on wet, slick marble in the plaza area at Athens Center Office Complex and hurt his knee and back. The pain was so great, we decided that we should ask for a consultation with a physician. The physician came to our hotel room, and arranged for an x-ray technician to come to the room as well. We discovered that Deke had a fracture at the inferior part of the patella; Deke would be immobile. Throughout the night, medical folk braved the torrential rains to bring Deke his crutches and splint. There were floods in Athens’ streets, sometimes sweeping away cars. It seems that we weren’t the only people who had trouble in Athens that day; our driver’s son was in a car accident and broke his leg.

Deke proposed that perhaps Zeus was angry with me, and had used him to get to me; if true, Zeus knew what he was doing. I hate it when my man is hurting.

Regarding my continued reading of Aristotle, I found the following in Book V of Ethics:

Now he is the basest of men who practices vice not only in his own person, but towards his friends also; but he the best who practices virtue not merely in his own person but towards his neighbor, for this is a matter of some difficulty.

I’m glad that Aristotle acknowledges how hard it is to “practice virtue towards his neighbor.” It can be a challenge.

Here’s wishing all of you happiness.




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