June 1st – Packing Up

Published: June 7th 2015
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We walked around Edigheim and Frankenthal for our last steps in Germany. We met our walking goals every day, plus some, especially from hiking in Switzerland! Amy had her last pistachio ice cream and some yummy pommes frites for the walk home which almost certainly canceled out all the good exercise. Despite 6 or more miles a day, all the bread, pretzels, wine, sekt, prosecco, wurst, kase, ice cream, gelato, bugles, and dinners have likely added to our poundage. Count-down to Leonardtown weigh-in has begun.

Additional photos below
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Last nature close-up #1. Biggest snail yet. They were all over after the rain. Dinata-worthy pic.

Last nature close-up #2. Eva's garden.

Last nature close-up #3. Brian saw poor little bird hit Eva's window. We kept an eye on him as it took awhile to catch his breath. We were happy he recovered and flew away. We'll do the same tomorrow.

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