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July 17th 2013
Published: July 18th 2013
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We've made our way from Brussels into Germany now. We got as far as Köln, where we made a pit stop to sing mass in the cathedral there. It wasn't our best performance, but any means - there were tuning issues and such fun, but we still managed to pull off the the pieces we needed to sing. The cathedral is just as lovely as it was four years ago; it's a shame that we didn't have more time to explore... Or more properly that I didn't have time to explore any other bits of the town this time instead of the cathedral. We're back on the bus for the long haul now, on our way to Halberstadt, where we have a charity concert to sing as part of the festival this evening. It's going to be a long ride - apparently 4-5 hours or so... With only one short break in the middle. So much bus time...

18:53 And we have arrived at the cathedral in Halberstadt and changed quickly into our gowns. Concert begins in 7 minutes. We have no idea what we're in for. The cathedral is lovely, the sort of place I'll probably visit during the day if we have time (entry seems to be 2 €). Miss being able to travel independently. Should totally have taken some time after the tour to wander around on my own again. I love these gals, but it's a lot of together time for me, and I need some time to recharge on my own.

22:41 so, yes, Halberstadt cathedral is amazing. From what little we saw of it. It appears to be a tourist destination, so it is definitely a potential for me to go revisit. We shall see what sort of time we have.Concert went really well with the exception of "She's Like The Swallow"' which went seriously flat during the exposed entry, but when the piano kicked in we recovered and went on. We were fed immediately following our performance, which meant that we did nit get to hear the South African children's choir that performed immediately after us. Not really an issue, as most of us were glad to be done a little sooner and not have to stick around and socialise afterwards.

The hotel we're at is just outside Wernigerode proper, at a ski resort of all the places in the world. Obviously there is no skiing going on at this point in the year, but the place is still pretty cool. There's a view of the local castle out my window, there's a small balcony... And oh, yeah, it's on top of a hill. Well, halfway up if you want to get technical but it is definitely a hill. Thanks god we had the bus bring us back. It's another brilliantly early morning tomorrow, so off to bed with me now....


19th July 2013

Thanks Kate, I love reading this!

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