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July 27th 2007
Published: August 5th 2007
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Lüneburg town hallLüneburg town hallLüneburg town hall

The oldest part of the town hall was built around 1230 and then enlarged over the next 600 years.
Two things today; I went for a short walk in a German forest and for a bit of a walk around Lüneborg.

Lüneborg is a town that dates back to the middle ages and became famous because of it's salt or "white gold" as they say around here. In the middle ages salt was the only way to preserve food so everyone wanted some. So a couple of bright sparks decided that salt was where the money was at and became super wealthy from it. Kind of like todays Saudi oil barons but more like ye olde germanic salt barons...

It was a pretty nice place to wander about since the "old town" has been almost completely preserved. I had a nice lunch on the bank of the Ilmenau. Check out the photos... The statue on top of the fountain I found to have a rather unique design.

Google maps link for Lüneburg

On German Forests
I took some time today to walk through a forest which was very nice. This particular forest seemed a lot 'softer' than what we are used to in Australia with the kind of leafy floors that you could lie down on and take
Lüneburg Townhall StatueLüneburg Townhall StatueLüneburg Townhall Statue

A statue of Justice on the front facade of the town hall. If I had a statue made of me, a gold sword would be pretty sweet.
a nap. This is the kind of forest that characters from fairytales would be using. I think if fairytales were written with the Australian bush in mind, most would end in either a drop bear attack or bunyip strike.

I put in some photos for you to look at, not so much that they are unique, but more that they are nice to look at. 😊

Additional photos below
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Lüneburg FountainLüneburg Fountain
Lüneburg Fountain

The fountain in front of the town hall in Market Square (Ochsenmarkt)
Lüneburg Fountain CloseupLüneburg Fountain Closeup
Lüneburg Fountain Closeup

A closeup of the statue on top of the fountain in front of the town hall in Market Square. The more astute of you will notice that the statue whilst spurting water from its hat, is also experiencing severe lactation.
Lüneburg - St. JohannisLüneburg - St. Johannis
Lüneburg - St. Johannis

One of the four main churches in the town. This one is of note because a young Johann Sebastian Bach learned to play the organ and to compose here.
Lüneburg on the RiverLüneburg on the River
Lüneburg on the River

A rather German looking house on the river Ilmenau.
Lüneburg TwistynessLüneburg Twistyness
Lüneburg Twistyness

These twisty bits on the facades of many buildings is meant to be very Lüneburgish
A German ButterflyA German Butterfly
A German Butterfly

... in a German forest

31st July 2007

21st Century Slide night
Aint this interweb grand.. You can now have your slide night as you travel. Saves having to find that decrepid rollup screen... Seriously though, I think it's great. Look like you're going to have a fantastic time. cheers DO
1st August 2007

It is truly fantastic and a real joy to take part in your travels via the travelblog. What a great invention and well written with great humour and good presentation. Just a thought about place names ending in "burg" - as in Hamburg, Lueneburg or Wardburg where Martin Luther translated the bible. The meaning from mediaeval times translated into english is "fortress" or "castle". Hence the famous hymn by Martin Luther - "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott". Do you realise that your last meal before leaving Australia was raw fish (sashimi) and your first meal in Europe was also raw fish (Matjes).
13th August 2007

hey hey!
Hey Alex! Those are some seriously good photos there. Looks awesome! Glad you're enjoying yourself. I hope you're staying up late for the night life and sleeping in to forbidden hours? Actually I think you'd probably stay up late and get up early anyway :P Keep the blogs coming. Catchya! John.

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