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January 21st 2012
Published: January 21st 2012
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Hi everybody!

Well, it has been a lot of changes here in Germany! Living with kids my age, then a young couple, then an old couple, then a family with young teens, and now two families with very little kids!

I hope you all like pictures and videos of cute little kids because this blog is full of them!

When Iris dropped me off at Müller’s house, Nicole was still out of town with the handball girls she coaches, but I got to meet little Alicia, Kye’s daughter, who is staying here for a little bit visiting. She is pretty dang cute. She has big dark eyes and loves to smile. 😊 She’s only two but she understands both German and Spanish since her Mom, Patricia, is Bolivian but she also gets a little bit of English in there too, so she is just going to be a little Rosetta Stone. You see, Kye’s family speaks German and English, but not really any Spanish, Patricia speaks Spanish and English but not really any German, therefore Patricia speaks Spanish with Alicia, Kye speaks German with Alicia, and Kye and Patricia speak English to each other. What do I speak with Alicia? Well it seems to be a mix that I have now dubbed Gerspanglish. When I actually want to communicate something with her, like tell her to do something, I speak in Spanish, but when we are just playing all three seem to come out, and they come out all mixed up too. “Nein, Alicia, Das ist mio.” (No, Alicia, this is mine). Most of that is German, but the "mio" is Spanish. I’m not the only culprit, Alicia does it too. She likes to mix German and Spanish, or rather; she just picks the word she likes best. For example, she likes the bread in Germany better than in Spain, so her favorite food here is “brot,” which means bread in German. She is always saying “Alicia brot!” and Kye is like, “She needs to eat something other than bread!” Haha! However, she always says “Alicia agua” when she wants something to drink, which is water in Spanish. Brigitte says that if she learns a word in a language, she usually keeps that word, but she still understands the word in both languages, she just chooses to use the one she learned first.

It’s a lot of languages to keep track of. It’s easy to get them mixed up!

Although I stayed with Volker, Brigitte, Kye and Alicia, I spent most of my time with Nicole and little baby Luca. They don’t get up early, so it worked out pretty perfect for the mornings. 😊 Tuesday I got up and met Nicole at her apartment and watched her get Luca ready, and then I watched Luca while Nicole got ready! He is such a cute baby! He’s only seven weeks, but he already holds his head up really well, and he rolled himself over while Nicole was getting him ready! He’s a pretty strong little guy, and he has a death grip with those little fingers.

Luca also eats, a lot. We got part way through a movie while she fed him and then we would finish it in the afternoon when she fed him again. Nicole and Thorston have lots of movies…you can tell they are a part of our family. Haha!

Sort of like with Iris, I just shared Nicole’s daily life with her. Even though she still has time off of work, she is always going somewhere or doing something. True mom, her days now consist of going to the grocery store nearly every day. One of our errands was even going to get Luca’s passport! Little baby Luca also has to get his passport photo done. “Won’t he look a lot different by the time you travel?”

“Yeah, I don’t know, it’s silly. But I need his passport number in order to get the tickets.”

Considering the fact that when Luca is not sleeping or eating he is crying, he did really well! He didn’t cry even though Nicole had to wake him up in order to get his photo done. We also got to go watch Nicole coach her little handballers and then watch her play handball herself! Monday when she went to the doctor he said it was ok for her to start doing sports again, so Tuesday night we were at practice. Haha! Luca did a great job and pretty much slept through the whole thing.

I have to admit, usually don’t really like holding babies. Not because I don’t think they aren’t cute, or because I don’t like babies. I think babies are great! I think they are really warm and pretty dang adorable. It just makes me nervous. I am so scared I am going to do something wrong and make them cry, but you know what? Holding babies usually makes them stop crying! Just smile and be calm and they fall asleep! Well, Luca falls asleep. Plus, if you do the move Monica does in “Friends” when she tries to get Rachel’s baby Emma to fall asleep they stop crying. Yeah, it actually works. If it is Luca proof, then it is legit. Luca was so fun to hold though, and when he sleeps he does little “Luca snores.” He actually snores! Haha! We got a video of it because we thought it was so funny!

Wednesday we got out into the fresh air and went to the “mountains” to go for a little walk. “Well, they are mountains, just not compared to the Rockies or anything.” Brigitte has Wednesdays off, so she came with us too! It was nice to get out, but it was really cold! The rain finally subsided but it was freezing! Even back in Langen in was freezing! Tuesday Nicole and I couldn’t believe how cold it was!

After our little stroll we went out to lunch and gave Opa Volker a little break. Volker made Nicole, Me and Alicia lunch all of the other days. Volker is retired teacher, now full-time Opa. “You can see Desperate Housewives on TV and right here you have Desperate Houseman.” He is a pretty funny guy haha! But a good Opa; and a good cook! The zubereitung schnitzel at the restaurant was pretty good though, although it doesn’t hold a candle to Volker’s sour meat. (Not sour like spoiled, sour like taste…it’s really good).

Dinner I usually spent at Nicole’s though with her and Thorsten and Luca. Dinner and a movie and getting Luca ready for bed. On Monday Nicole decided to give Luca a bath. “Luca actually likes baths. He likes anything when he’s not in his diaper.” She got the bath all ready and we brought him in and just as she was placing him in the tub, poop. He pooped in the clean bath water! Luca! Haha! Thorston came in to see what the commotion was about and he just have out a “ha!” and then laughed down the hallway. We couldn’t help but laugh too. She re-drew the bath and got him all clean. I had him wrapped in his towel and then, spit up. All over his clean belly. Luca! Haha! Again, couldn’t help but laugh.

Thursday I even got my chance to babysit Luca while Nicole went to practice. Brigitte didn’t think it was such a good idea that Nicole had taken him to the gym on Tuesday, so I stayed home with him while Nicole went to play handball, but Volker and Brigitte were nearby. 😊 Nicole and I went shopping most of the day that day and he slept in his buggy the whole time. He loves that buggy. Put him in that or in a car and he falls straight asleep. Athletic Nicole got one of those strollers that has super-duty tires so she can go for runs with it. It reminds me a bit of the baby-jogger my Mom used to have; only this one is made for little babies. 😊

Anyhoo, Luca was really good up until about 15 minutes before Nicole got home. Inconsolable crying. 😞 Poor guy. Brigitte and I finally assumed he must be hungry. Nicole got back and he was still crying even when she put him in his car seat.

In the morning she came to pick me up to take me to the airport. “Oh, I have to tell you about last night. Luca fell asleep in the car and he slept for like an hour and I finally had to wake him up to feed him otherwise he might have slept longer!” Hungry? Nope, he just wanted mommy. He knows who she is and that Brigitte and I are not her. Haha!

All in all I LOVED spending time with the little kids! I mean I didn’t really have to do much of the hard stuff; I only had to change one diaper. Either way, it was so nice to see Nicole and meet Luca and Alicia, they are really cute kids!

I can’t wait to see them again in August for Heather’s wedding, even Luca with his new passport 😊 haha!

Love and miss everyone!

Love always,

Devin 😊

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31st January 2012

2nd Favorite blog
I loved seeing all the pics of Luca, Alicia, Opa, etc and really enjoyed your writing! This blog was 2nd only to M2M blog! Love you!

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