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May 4th 2012
Published: December 16th 2014
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Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves!

So this week has been a lot of fun! On Friday night we had the first party of this semester, and it was really nice to see a lot of people from last semester as well as meeting some of the the end there was about 30 of us in the tiny kitchen, before we made it to the club.

Whilst outside showing people in, the neighbours came back home so I thought I'd better tell them what was going on, which led to a funny conversation:

Me: Yeah, we are having a party here right now, but we will be leaving's not gonna be like it was last semester

Neighbour: Oh, you heard about it last semester?

Me: Err yeah, I heard about it.....

Luckily they didn't recognise me! haha. Although we later found out that one of our neighbours had complained to our landlady...which never happened last semester, when our parties were way worse...

The fun of Friday was soon crushed as I had all day class on Sunday...but on the brighter side, the weather all week has been gorgeous. Reaching 25˚C, and sunny by Tuesday, when it was a bank holiday. Together with ten others, we went on a "Bollerwagentour" (a Bremen tradition), where we took lots of alcohol around with us in a toytruck and drank some at every corner. We started off at Amalie from Denmark's house and went into the Bürgerpark, where we all became rather intoxicated by 2pm! In the early evening we found a jetty onto the lake and spent a good hour subathing there. After we had finished many of us came back to the Party House where the fun continued.

On Thursday we all decided to go for Sushi in the city for lunch, and later went up to the Waterfront shopping - in Primark I managed to find a lovely "DEUTSCHLAND" top, which I can add to my themed top collection. haha!

This weekend I have classes all day, and when not working I am getting some of my reports done for next month...It's not all fun and games I can assure you!

I hope you are all having fun where you can, I
Jetty DrunkenessJetty DrunkenessJetty Drunkeness

know some of you have exams right now, so good luck!

Viel Spaß!



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