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September 15th 2010
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On our second day in Berlin we strolled over to Tacheles, the art commune of Berlin. As we entered we were greeted by large scale vandalism and a crane lowering empty beer bottles from the upper floors of the "building". To one side of the courtyard behind the building there stood massive metal sculptures, all produced on site in a metal working shed. It was quite a large shed to be fair. Liam and I strolled around and I snapped some shots of the area. As we left the metal working area I tipped a euro. We continued into the main courtyard area and then inside the building. We climbed the stairs as high as we could go and found a very talented artist's studio. I cant recall the name but he was fantastic. I already have a print of his somewhere thanks to Bob Barba. After walking around the studio/gallery we descended back to the courtyard and left tacheles in search of some food. All in all Berlin is great city, all of the arcane looking museums were very pleasing to look at. Lots of brick buildings here as well, very nice.

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Drain PipeDrain Pipe
Drain Pipe

Liam's photo skills
Shed ShotShed Shot
Shed Shot

Liam's shooting skills
Bax Pax!Bax Pax!
Bax Pax!

Great hostel, I recommend it.
Great ChairsGreat Chairs
Great Chairs

no fatties please, these are not weight bearing chairs.
Beer Bike!Beer Bike!
Beer Bike!


22nd September 2010

So cool that you went to Tacheles and that artist was still up on the top floor. I remember being there with Bob and us thinking you would like it. You should go back to Berlin some time when you have more time. Interesting that you guys enjoyed the hostel that I absolutely hated. Isnt Fernsehturn a great name? Catherine's village looks so lovely.

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