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November 9th 2007
Published: November 12th 2007
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Me ...Me ...Me ...

Also at Brekkie, check out the coffee cup ... excellent
The joy of being in a new place is experiencing some of their culinary traditions and for Miss Ines and myself this included the relaxed tradition of Sonntag (Sunday) Brunch.

This involved a late start and a visit to Intimes Kino-Cafe on Boxhagener Straße in Friedrichshain. While a little tatty on the outside, inside it's a wonderful cosy, little cafe with counters packed with a mountain of food. Brunch in Berlin is actually a buffet and the Milsch Kaffee is a virtual bucket of coffee (we know how much I 'hate' my coffee!). We ate until there was no more room, then walked down to the river to help it settle and to enjoy some free outside art in the form of the East Side Gallery, a glorious, but fading remnant of the Berlin Wall.

Some of the more famous images are gradually either flaking off or being covered in graffiti from people adding their names to the wall. The side of the wall facing the Spree River is still being used by graffiti artists to add new works of varying quality, some were excellent.

The day was rounded out with a visit to Zionkirche, a little church
Miss InesMiss InesMiss Ines

Obligatory Brekkie Shot!
which opens it's belltower on Sunday afternoons to allow you to access a fabulous view over Berlin just as the late afternoon sun cast a golden glow on the city (yes there was actually some sun on this day). A nice relaxed day finished with a stroll down Kastaineallee back to Schöenhausen Allee and Miss Ines' home.

Additional photos below
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Near the East Side Gallery - the graffiti on the building behind is made up of little pink men
East Side Gallery 1East Side Gallery 1
East Side Gallery 1

Trying to Escape - a lot of old East Germans want the wall back (go figure!?!)
East Side Gallery 2East Side Gallery 2
East Side Gallery 2

Me again ... getting in the way of the smooch
East Side Gallery 4East Side Gallery 4
East Side Gallery 4

The Eyes have it
East Side Gallery 5East Side Gallery 5
East Side Gallery 5

Brandenburger Tor ... how it looked in 1980
East Side Gallery 6East Side Gallery 6
East Side Gallery 6

Brandenburger Tor ... a popular image
East Side Gallery 7East Side Gallery 7
East Side Gallery 7

The penguin or the worm?
East Side Gallery 8East Side Gallery 8
East Side Gallery 8

Geisha Moment
East Side Gallery 9East Side Gallery 9
East Side Gallery 9

The aliens have landed ...
East Side Gallery 10East Side Gallery 10
East Side Gallery 10

Fading Fragments
East Side Gallery 11East Side Gallery 11
East Side Gallery 11

Fading Fragments 2

and blue sky!
Berlin SkylineBerlin Skyline
Berlin Skyline

Und Reichstag
View to Siegessäule View to Siegessäule
View to Siegessäule

As the sun goes down
It's been said ...It's been said ...
It's been said ...

... the only good cat is a dead one ... is someone sending a message on Kastainealle?

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