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September 4th 2007
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We arrived in Munich this morning after a really long flight. We went through passport security really quickly and then our luggage was already there waiting for us. We met Larry at the gate and with him was Maria, a lady who does PR for Ingolstadt. She was nice enough to arrange for a FREE (to us) bus to drive us to our Villa.

The ride was kind of long, and one of the first things we noticed on the road was the overabundance of McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway. Seriously. That was the first resturant that we noticed.

We got to the house (after a reallllly long traffic jam) and its huge! and really nice! we took a group photo and had a helluva time trying to get all of our (the girls) luggage to the third floor.

We were all ready to go out and explore when it started to hail! In the middle of the afternoon AND it was sunny out. It was so strange, and then minutes later it was over.

Our first trip out on the town was to downtown Ingolstadt to a pretzel shop, which is a lot like Auntie Anne's in the States, only you get one choice of pretzel- extremely salty.

When we got back, we started to unpack more, and a fuse was blown almost immediately. Girls will be girls! So Larry called someone to come over and fix it.

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5th September 2007

it looks beautiful. you are so lucky. and pretzels are delicious. miss you!

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