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June 13th 2006
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Fan Fest: France v SwitzerlandFan Fest: France v SwitzerlandFan Fest: France v Switzerland

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart
after visiting legoland, i travelled to stuttgart, to join the fan fest in schloβplatz (i.e. the garden that u see every night on tvb :-)), but the atmosphere was not as good as in games for the germans, france v. switzerland, of course there were their fans, but too conservative (compared with the crazy germans, everyone is quiet...), no common goal, so, ended in a draw...

i believe that the rail transport in bayern region is beyond it's capacity, ICE, the highest class trains in germany (even the best of europe, i think), delays all the time (u have to know that a few minutes of delay means a humiliation to the germans...), my train back to augsburg.... delayed for 100 minutes!

在月台上吃巨無霸餐時,長椅背後另一邊坐著兩位記者(聽起來像是西班牙語),只見其中一位架起儀器,另一人則對著手提電腦讀稿,一口氣讀了幾分鐘,沒有take 2,月台上其他乘客都向這邊望過來。記者一讀完,響亮的月台廣播便來了。


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Swiss blog

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart
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French blog

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart

Schlossplatz, Stuttgart

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