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July 19th 2011
Published: July 19th 2011
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Day trip to Lyon

Only LyonOnly LyonOnly Lyon

The kids are crawling on this giant welcome sign in the centre of Lyon (made entirely of cheese - they have to build a fresh on each night).
Well, we woke up to an overcast day. But that's ok cuz we had planned to go into Lyon which we knew would be mainly indoors. At first, we went to the TGV (train de grande vitesse) station outside Valence, but when we discovered the cheapest fare for the mere 30 minute train ride was 120 Euros (gulp!), we drove to Lyon instead. We parked at a P&R outside Lyon and hopped on the Metro (only 6 Euros). Bought our city pass and found a lovely terrace to eat lunch. Nigel tried the beef snout and veal hoof as an appetizer and had pork marinated in red wine for a meal with cheese afterward. I had a salad and steamed sausages and creme caramel for dessert. There was a bottle of wine of course (unidentified house Rhone). Kids both had grilled chicken and french fries with dessert (tarte to coco-banane and gâteux chocolat avec crème anglaise).

Then we hit some museums. First was the "le musée des automates" which consisted of many automated puppets set up in scenes from famous tales or stories like Pinocchio, Zorro, Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Louis Pasteur, and Peter Pan. Then we went to the Museum
Beef snout anyone?Beef snout anyone?Beef snout anyone?

Nigel had to order many chances do you get to eat the snout of a cow and the hoof of a calf?
of Miniatures and Cinema. Cinema was invented in Lyon. Many of the miniatures were of famous movie sets. This museum was really cool. There was tons of paraphernalia from movie sets like the actual hat and whip Indiana Jones wore in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Last, we went on a river boat cruise of the Saone. It was really nice to see the city from the river with its historical 300-400 year old buildings.

Made it home for a late dinner and Nigel went for a bike ride while I got the kids to bed. Tomorrow it is back to Lyon for Part II.

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Les automatesLes automates
Les automates

Lyon claims to have invented the automated puppet (too lazy for marionettes, or too drunk, is my guess).
Miniatures museumMiniatures museum
Miniatures museum

This museum combined two unrelated topics: full size movie sets and miniature dioramas.
Is it really him?Is it really him?
Is it really him?

Can you believe this celebrity rode the boat cruise with us? He was alone. I guess he left Katie Holmes at home.
Lyonnaise architecture (I)Lyonnaise architecture (I)
Lyonnaise architecture (I)

I think the roof style here is called mansard. I like it.
Lyonnaise architecture (II)Lyonnaise architecture (II)
Lyonnaise architecture (II)

Some built in the 1700s, some older.
La familleLa famille
La famille

Bumped into a nice group of Brits. We took turns snapping photos for each other after the older gent told us how he had just freaked out some other tourists by feigning to run away with their nice camera. Made me nervous. But I just smiled.
Public but (very) cleanPublic but (very) clean
Public but (very) clean

Dripping wet clean in fact. After each use, the door locks and the inside is automatically hosed down top to bottom. On a hot day it's like a steam bath in there.

We enjoyed the boat cruise along the Soane. Saw the Ile de Barbes where barbarians once reportedly lived (I think the guide said "barbarians" but it might have been "canadians." In the 500s an abbey was built here (still stands) and much later King Charlemagne chose to live out his remaining life here after he fixed it all up.
Early suspension bridgeEarly suspension bridge
Early suspension bridge

This was built in 1827. Canada was built in 1867. Kind of gives you a little perspective doesn't it. History is relative.

19th July 2011
Beef snout anyone?

Beef Snout?
Seriously, Nigel?? How was it?
20th July 2011

Beef snout
Tasted like bologna! Even the kids liked it! Although they didn't love the hoof....

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