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November 14th 2019
Published: November 14th 2019
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November 14, 2019

Lyon, France

Anyone care for life’s little ironies? Two days I’m too sick to leave the apartment. Tuesday and Wednesday: bright sunrises, clear skies, brilliant sunshine.

Today,? I finally managed to sleep, I’m feelin’ a million times better, I feel NORMAL!. Ready to see more of the town on our last full day!

Of course, it’s rainin’ an’ blowin’ and cold. (Not Edmonton last weekend cold, mind you.)


Shrug. What ya gonna do?

(I have read a LOT of books in the last couple of days – thank God that for the lovely Internet and Edmonton Public Library’s digital collection! Susan has read a lot, cleaned the hell out of this place (again) and only really gone out for groceries a few times.)

We need a break from all that non-stop literary activity. Therefore we will throw all caution to the (cold and wet) wind and hit the just opened YVES St LAURENT exhibit at the museum of fabrics and decorative arts!! YAY.

Okay, so it’s more yay than YAY. It’s the least I can do for Susan’s fashion addiction as she has had to settle for ogling at what people are wearing as they pass by our lovely front windows.

So I am holding off having my morning caffeine dose until just before we leave for the museum. I figure it will buy me at least two or three hours of relatively normal energy levels, if not actual excitement. Enough to get us through the history of silk, the YSL retrospective and, fingers crossed, LUNCH.

And here is a lonely cold picture just to set the mood.


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