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November 23rd 2016
Published: November 25th 2016
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Last time I'd promised to take you out of the Côte d'Azur and into another region of France. And so here we are, in Annecy! It's a two hour train ride from Lyon. After moving steadily in one direction, towards the end of the journey, the train suddenly changed course and started travelling backwards! It was rather alarming and a co-passenger even asked me if this train is indeed going to Annecy. I spent the last half hour or so sitting up straight in my seat waiting to discover that I'd boarded the wrong train. But with luck on my side, the train arrived at Gare d'Annecy thankfully. Anyway, to describe Annecy in one sentence, I'd say it's Venice's cousin. The little canalas and streams that run through the town, might make you think of Venice except that the canals in Venice are wide and deep enough that gondolas ply on them. The canals and streams in Annecy are hardly even shin-deep. What is of major interest in this French town is Lac Annecy. Yes! A lake! And a big one too.

I checked into my hotel after I arrived at Gare d'Annecy which as a railway station has not much to boast of. I'd planned to spend a couple of nights in what is also known as the Venice of Rhône-Alpes. It was the month of October and the weekend combined with mid-semester break gave me a good 11 days off school! After I'd decided I liked my hotel room, I felt a good hot cup of coffee would be nice so I googled for coffee shops in town, decided on one that seemed good (don't ask me how I make that decision. I'm not one for reading reviews!) and set off. And on my way there, I found a pattisierie. Ah! I walked in without a second thought and I don't remember what I bought, but it was good! I eventually found the coffee shop I was looking for and had a good hot cappucino. That evening I went down to the lake. Believe it or not, I wasn't even aware Annecy had a lake. I just happened to find my way to it. Yes! That is the kind of research I do when I decide to get away for the weekend.

When I made it to lake Annecy, a big lake and a waterfront lined with boats, was my first impression of that place. Annecy to me, looked like something out of a fairytale, with its lake and the quaint old town with cobble stone streets and small shops selling different things from souveniers to cosmetics. Just behind the hotel where I stayed, there was a street lined with bars and restuarants. They weren't the kind of places I ventured into. I had a system of entering into restuarants after I'd sized up the kind of clientele it served. And this was not the clientele I was looking to sit down to eating dinner with. I learnt to do this after my trip to Carcassonne (what taught me this lesson is a story for some other time.)

Next morning when I ventured out, there was a farmer's market right outside the hotel with stalls lined up on both sides of the street and people busily milling about. The streets were alive with life and energy and people going about their day. It was a fun day as I explored the old town. The shops, the lake, the little alleyways that were charming and called for a lot of exploring.

And explore Annecy I did! And now I'll leave you to enjoy Venice of the Rhône-Alpes while I sign out of here. Next time, we shall go wine-tasting so get ready!


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