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April 7th 2009
Published: August 3rd 2009
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BBQs and Parks

I have become really close friends with a guy who comes from Ohio, David. He is my neighbor, and we tend to walk or take the bus everywhere together. We are also friends with another guy from Iowa, Chris. I have a friend Kat from my previous study abroad adventure. We all three like to walk around the city. One day we decided to have a BBQ at lac-de-maine. We each bought/prepared a dish and brought it on the long bus trip to the lake. Once there we cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and had an "American" BBQ. We ate at this big open field area, and afterwards we all went to the lake and waded into the water.
Oftentimes we would also venture to the parc de balzac and also the large park in Angers off of boulevard Foch. Needless to say I received quite a tan/tan lines. From where I would roll my pants up, I had a tan line across the bottom of my knee. :D

Mardi Cafe

Another even that in which I participated was Mardi Cafe. Every Tuesday there was event where students could meet each other in a bar/pub. The bar would change each Tuesday. I participated in this event most Tuesdays because of my class schedule. I have been able to meet so many different students from all around the world who all have the same goal as me, learn French. Also at Mardi Cafe I have had the opportunity to meet many French people. Since Angers is a student town, the French know that international students are there to practice their French. Because of this, my French friends would force me to speak in French to them. That way I could practice.

Mots et Expressions!

S’emmerder - (populaire) c’est comme s’ennuyer, mais avec intensité. Je me souviens ce mot parce que une fois en t’chat avec mon ami français, il m’a dit qu’il s’emmerde parce qu’il n’as pas de travail.
Chier - (extrêmement vulgaire) C’est comme merde sur qqn. J’ai entendu ce mot quand mon ami était déçu de soi-même parce qu’il ne pouvait pas me visiter à la gare.
Ta gueule - (populaire) Cette expression est un peu vulgaire, mai on le dit entre amis. Elle exprime ferme ta bouche.
Monsieur, Dame - au lieu de dit monsieur, madame, souvent les français perdent le ma de madame et dit dame en cette expression.
Mots fléchés - (n.) Ma mère d’accueil adore faire les mots fléchés dans chaque Femme Actuelle. Un mot fléchés est un jeu des mots dans les magazines.


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