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January 23rd 2011
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So in realistic terms a travel blog is meant to be used some what like a diary, writing daily updates of the current events, however with my blog Im failing to do so and using it (or should I say abusing it) as my stress reliever. It allows me to have a good rant, when something quite bizzare or down right horrible happens.

I think Ill start with the true purpose of this blog and why I need to vent so much. As you all know a few weeks ago I had a lizard in my bedroom, however tonight I was having a tidy around in my bedroom and found.... a SCORPION, a dead one, but still it was a bloody scorpion!!!! I felt sick, my bedroom is obviously turning into a zoo I dread to think what I will find next, but if its a ten foot snake or a huge trantula... IM MOVING OUT!!!

I was meaning to write earlier, telling you all just how much of a great time I am having here in France and that the tables have completely turned and I am actually happy and dare I say it, I kind of love it here!
Last week I had some really good classes, which left me feeling really positive. The majority of my lessons were about 'smoking' and hey we all know the French love their cigarettes. However before my first lesson on smoking one of the teachers told me that at the minute in Millau there is a huge problem with students smoking canabis. They have apparently just discovered the drug and are abusing it at great lengths resulting in numerous students been hospitalised, what on earth they have been doing with it I do not know but hey I rest my case the French are weird!
During the lessons I asked the question do you smoke, and needless to say a third fo the class put there hand up, when I asked why they smoked they said they like to forget there problems, relax or chill out, I then proceeded to ask what they had been smoking and it turns out Id say at least a handful of students (around 15 yrs old) in each class all smoke canabis, I dont know if Im been naive but for a small countryside town, this seems alot!! However the sudden interest in the topic meant they didnt shut up, and the lessons were the most productive Ive had since I started.

This week I also have been very popular. When I went to school on thursday I didnt have any plans for the weekend, bt by the end of the day I had two dinner invitations and a night out planned. Claire had invited us for dinner on saturday and Christine had invited us on Sunday.

Friday night, Court and I went to bar 'audience' to watch a band. It was advertised as chansons populaires ( popular songs) however it wasnt up to date songs but just very french songs. One guy was playing a wind up piano thing were they feed cards through it and it plays that really distinctive french music the other guy was playing a guitar. The music was good and obviously it was popular songs as everyone in the bar was singing along. The second half of the set the guy on the piano thing started to putting thimbles on his fingers and playing them against a wash board, with a cow bell and a snare drum.. I think I can honestly say it was one of the most strangest things ive seen, but it was good music.
As the night went on these guys started talking to us noticing we were english. When their friend joined them he was speaking french and when he realised I was english his voice changed into this broad brummy accent... i was so confused. Turns out he moved to Millau 18 years ago and started a band here, the rest of the guys were his band mates. It was so strange finding someone from England here.

Saturday morning we went to a German Breakfast. After arriving a bit late and having everyone stare at us, I then proceeded to knock over the orange juice and as I turned round I knocked the box of bread which fell on the floor... cringe! After that it was good and they sat us in the corner out of harms way, we saw Janina and Katrin there so afterwards we all went shopping. Bargains galore!!! I bought a cardigan which was 35 euros down to 13, 2 tops for 11 and a really nice bag reduced from 35 euros to 10 😊 I was a happy bunny!
After shopping Christine rang and asked if we wanted to go to her house that afternoon, to eat a Galette and drink tea. So at 4 Christine picked us up and took us to her house. Galette is a traditionally almond pastry/ cake. It was delicious and home made 😊 after a couple of hours talking and eating cake Christine dropped Court and I back home.
That night I just stayed in.

Today I went to a Rugby match with Courtney and Janina, it was the official Millau team playing. Sadly we lost, but I definitley am understanding rugby more now, plus the good looking guys make it easier to watch 😊
The rest of the day I have just chilled and planned my lessons, oh and yes found a scorpion in my bedroom, just an average day here in Millau!!

We are having a party on tuesday night as we dont work wednesday. I was worried not many people will come, until I totalled up the definite people coming and we already have 18, not bad for out first party, but I still hope a few more will come too.

Anyway ciao for now, Ill update you when the next beast decides to reside in ma chambre!


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