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July 6th 2012
Published: July 8th 2012
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Budist monks with JeanetteBudist monks with JeanetteBudist monks with Jeanette

We had two monks with us on our tour of Italy. They seemed very modern people, the younger one visiting france for the second time.
We have settled into our hotel in Perpignan and are about to go out to look for a restaurant from the many that line the canal near the hotel. Before that I must tell you about our adventure today. It really was unexpected.

At breakfast today before we left the bed and breakfast in Quillan, we met an interesting well travelled English couple who inquired of us whether we were going to go over the mountains to Figuerues, Spain instead of the regular route via Perpignan. Our original plan was to first check into the hotel in Perpignan then cross the border into Spain to visit the famous Salvador Dali Museum in Figuerues as it was less than an hour away.

Well, we decided to do the reverse and instead go over the Pyrenees into Figuereus then cross back into France. We talked to Roy, our host, about the route then set out at about 11 am. Well, what an incredible journey it turned out to be. I have driven all over the world but never, ever have I encountered such mountainous terrain as we traversed some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. After reaching the
Lady conductorLady conductorLady conductor

This woman was seen conducting traffic on a busy Paris street. Amusing indeed.
top of the first mountain we looked ahead and all we saw were more glorious peaks, creating a panorama of the most amazing beauty. After we started our first descent, I looked up and pointed to what seemed to be a cell phone tower on the peak of a distant mountain and jokingly said to Jeanette that we have to pass it on our way. Would you believe that we really had to and we did?

Up and up we went on narrow winding roads through one incredible scene after another. We passed farms in shallow valleys, cows grazing and a few horses in a gully and the road that never seemed to end. In the end we spent hours in this awesome mountain range that I had read so much about in Geography class at school, never imagining that I would one day enjoy it in person with my lovely wife for company.

The car performed beautifully and I enjoyed every minute of the turns and twists that eventually led us through many picturesque towns and villages to our final destination, Figuerues. It turned out to be a five hour stint driving on roads that sometimes tested
Norm & JennyNorm & JennyNorm & Jenny

Relaxing in a hotel in paris while they wait to rejoin the tour.
my fortitude as I glimpsed down the precipitous edges that breezed quickly by.

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Walking on ancient marble.
Electric cars in ParisElectric cars in Paris
Electric cars in Paris

Ahead of the time
A beauty on CapriA beauty on Capri
A beauty on Capri

We "attended" a wedding on Capri that was a fashion show of classy dresses and jewelry.
Arch de Triumph, ParisArch de Triumph, Paris
Arch de Triumph, Paris

I later had to drive the roundabout there - what a nightmare!
Orvietta, ItalyOrvietta, Italy
Orvietta, Italy

Looking down from this mountain top town was a wonder, really!

A vist to Pisa is definitely a must. It was absolutely stunning. Photographs can never convey the beauty of the tower.

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