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September 15th 2011
Published: September 30th 2011
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We arrived in Bucharest in Romania as part of our stopover on Thursday and then jumped on another plane to Paris. We arrived and immediately noticed that it was a lot colder than the first time that we visited Paris. We caught the metro that we were now quite familiar with all the way from the airport all the way to a small town called Torcy. The beauty of Torcy is there isn’t really much tourist stuff there so it was cheap. But it is only 3 stations from the Disneyland station. There was also a supermarket, a Laundromat and a whole street of restaurants. What more could you want! We made our way to our hotel and checked in. We also asked if our train passes had arrived as I had organised for them to be sent to the hotel. The girl said they hadn’t but they weren’t due to arrive until the next day so there wasn’t a problem yet. We got to our room and settled in and then headed out for dinner at the best chicken place I’ve ever eaten at. Chick’n Go at Torcy is the greatest! We then headed back to the hotel to prepare for the big day at Disneyland the next day.

Friday came and we woke up early and got some breakfast from the local bakery down the road. We then jumped on the train and went to the Disneyland stop. We spent the day checking out the attractions and went on heaps of rides. We spent the whole day in the main park and then headed back to Torcy for more chicken for dinner and then went back to the room

Saturday was our 2nd day in Disneyland and we split our day over the 2 parks. We spent the morning in the main park before having lunch and then went to the 2nd park for the afternoon. We even saw a demonstration on how the movie studios did the special effects like fire and earthquakes. That night we left at around 7:30 that night and had some dinner before bed.

Sunday was our last day in Disneyland and we spent most of the day in the 2nd park and saw most of the rest of the attractions that we had missed from the previous days. We managed to see the celebration show at the end of the night but because it started raining we had to leave a little early. We got back to the hotel and the train passes still hadn’t arrived and we were really starting to get worried as we were supposed to leave early the next morning. So we organised for the postal company to not send the parcel and that I would pick it up the following morning.

Our last day in Paris was an early start for me as I had to travel all the way into the city centre and out to the other side of the city. After 3 hours, I finally arrived at the DHL office where I was supposed to pick up our train passes. After an argument with the security guard, I was finally allowed in. I spoke to an employee there and discovered that he had sent my parcel to a station called Noisiel. This was only 2 stops from Torcy which made even more frustrating as I didn’t need to waste half a day travelling around Paris. I finally got to Torcy and picked up the passes with no more trouble before heading back to Torcy where Sarah was waiting for me. We got some lunch and rushed to the train station which was back in the centre of Paris. Of course it was! WE managed to catch our train with only minutes left to spare and were on our way to the beautiful Switzerland and would be staying in Zurich!

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