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April 10th 2016
Published: June 3rd 2016
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Friends flying in from all overFriends flying in from all overFriends flying in from all over

"Just think...Here we are, the afternoon sun beating down on us, a dead, bloated rhino underfoot, and good friends flying in from all over...I tell you, this is the best of times."
We flew in from different places to Atlanta, then boarded our 767 for an uneventful flight to Paris non-stop. (Occasions where people meeting in an airport for a trip somehow always remind me of the Gary Larson cartoon). Delta was hoping to get us into Paris ahead of the announced strike, and did so. So far, we have no evidence of anything adverse coming from any planned strike, the extreme flooding of the Seine, or the travel warning issued by the State Department. Ate lunch, took nap, and went out to dinner at La Frigate across the street from the Musee d'orsay, which is closed because of the flooding, as is at least part of the Louvre. Heading out to hopefully see some things in Paris we have never previously experienced.

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4th June 2016
Flooded Seine

Bienvenue a Paris!
Have a great time! I'm interested to hear if the news agencies here have exaggerated the effects of the flooding. Although from the looks of that photo of the Seine, it appears to be pretty bad. 😢
4th June 2016
Flooded Seine

It does not appear to be affecting non-river activities, but river cruises are closed (can't get under the bridges) etc

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